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The Double Standard of Religious Leadership

Why preachers should practice what they preach even more than what they believe.

Is the Hebrew Bible Single-Minded on Singlehood?

The pressure observant young Jews feel to marry comes straight from the Bible. But is there biblical wiggle room?

No track to sainthood

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Catholic Church. That’s why I feel less … Continued

Jews and Muslims: How do we ‘bring the temperature down’?

By Frankie Martin This year has not been an easy one for Jewish-Muslim relations. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in … Continued

‘Tis the season for an art controversy at the Smithsonian

By Marci A. Hamilton This article is part of a series for the Patheos Holiday Monitor, which tracks the War … Continued

Apple zaps conservative Christian app

By David Waters The Culture War now has its own app. Or does it? After receiving thousands of complaints, Apple … Continued

Fashion week: Is modesty back?

By Katherine Boyle Disney moms, listen up: it’s time to turn off Miley and give your daughter the September edition. … Continued

Identity Crisis

This week the Pew Forum came out with a study of the American religious landscape. As soon as I saw … Continued

Jewish Cowboy (and Packer)

Alan Veingrad spent seven seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman, playing for the Green Bay Packers (1986-90) and … Continued

Four Thousand Years and Counting

For a Christian, I had a partly Jewish upbringing. My father, a civil engineer, worked for a construction company that … Continued

My Jewish Literacy Saga

In my first blog, I wrote about learning about Christianity – there is a flip side to that story. Part … Continued

Who Can Play the Faith and Values Game?

In an interview to be aired next week on HDTV Michael Bloomberg has told Dan Rather that “nobody’s going to … Continued

Sex Is Neither Sin nor Sacrament

There I was, looking forward to the entirely secular box of chocolates I fully expect to receive on Valentine’s Day, … Continued

Moves For Equality May Have Ancient Roots

On the whole, women have fared badly in religions down the ages, though others may have a different view. But … Continued