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LAPD closes missing person report on wife of Scientology leader

RNS () — Actress Leah Remini, who recently left the Church of Scientology, filed a missing person’s report with the … Continued

The role of the Holy Spirit at the papal conclave

Before the cardinals entered the conclave to select the next pope, they first celebrated a special Mass. Then they chanted the … Continued

Vatican goes high-tech to ensure conclave secrecy

VATICAN CITY — The secrecy and security measures that surround a papal election are designed to “make the conclave safe … Continued

A woman’s journey out of faith, family and fear

On a summer night in a Western town of flat fields and hazy sunsets, a young woman stood outside a … Continued

Muslim parents wrestle with passing on Islamic values

BOSTON — At 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, nine Muslim parents anxiously watched the clock at an International House … Continued

Old-fashioned nuns say the past is key to the future

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — The light, clear tones of young women’s voices filled the chapel, their chanted prayers drifting across the … Continued

Mormon women seeking middle ground to greater equality

SALT LAKE CITY — For some Mormon feminists, there can be only one goal on the road to gender equality: … Continued

Syria: A horror observed, but is this all the world can do?

STRINGER REUTERS Members of the Free Syrian Army sit and mourn a comrade killed during fighting with government forces in … Continued

Mormon temples are places apart

Later this week yet another new temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint–this one in Kansas City, … Continued

Faith in the Philippines

The Philippines is in many ways the perfect place to explore the complexities surrounding the relationship between faith and globalization, … Continued

The Consequences Of Shattering A Faith Glass Ceiling

The economic situation in the country is affecting us all; and those affected the most are hit hardest. “Around 14 … Continued

President Hu Jintao, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama

This is the second in a series of five columns written by Matteo Pistono for the visit of Chinese President … Continued

We need more faith in our politics

This weekend, Jon Stewart is holding “a rally to restore sanity” on the mall, two months after Glenn Beck’s religion-infused … Continued

A holiday of contradictions

“Water symbolizes Your might…It reassures, with its drops, those in whom was blown the breath of life.” Jewish Prayer for … Continued

Organized child rape as a religion: FLDS leader gets a new trial

A new trial was ordered by the Utah State Supreme Court this week for Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist … Continued

More sin and salvation at the Southern Baptist Convention

By David Waters It’s a shame that this year’s Southern Baptist Convention didn’t get more attention from the news media. … Continued

Lawless Israel?

By Eric HeinzeProfessor of Law Queen Mary, University of London Israel’s raid on the Mavi Marmara immediately triggered a backlash. … Continued

Summer spirit

“In Summer, in the open air, I seek my Sabbath house of prayer Among the friendly trees, Beneath a blue … Continued

Faith as counterculture

By Mary-Ann Kirkbyauthor, journalist I had the wonderful privilege of being born and raised on a Hutterite Colony in Canada. … Continued

In PBS interview, Cardinal Levada discusses abuse crisis

PBS NewsHour will air an exclusive interview today with Cardinal William Levada, whose office is handling about 3,000 claims of … Continued