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Photos: The Unseen Armenians of Jerusalem

Armenians who have long lived in Jerusalem remain one of the city’s least known communities.

Messianic Jews, Palestinian Christians, and a Theology of Reconciliation

As followers of Jesus, we are to mirror the unity of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Photos: Activists Hold Mass at the Barrier Blocking Bethlehem

See the ongoing vigil at the Israeli separation barrier that threatens to cut off a West Bank Catholic community.

A Palestinian Violist Plays the Sound of Hope

Can a church’s musical presentation speak into the world’s most pressing conflicts?

Shrinking Church, Vanishing Grace

Here’s why the three approaches fearful Christians take toward culture are out of bounds.

As Online Anti-Semitism Grows, So Do Efforts to Counter It

The Gaza conflict has sparked a wave of counter speech, with organizations debunking anti-Semitic myths and stereotypes on blogs, forums, and social media.

#WeAreN and #YouAreNot

Whose suffering matters to you? With whom are you willing to stand?

Why Liberals Should Love Israel

An analysis of Israeli society reveals a country embracing individual freedom, equality, and unity.

Why I Don’t Pray for Peace in the Middle East

I have good reasons not to pray for Israel/Palestine. But I don’t have any excuse.

The Obama Doctrine: Say goodbye to “weak versus strong” in foreign policy

The president’s West Point speech exposed the illusion of a force-versus-peacemaking duality.

Pope Francis and the Vatican’s Burdened Past

Moral deflection shapes the ground across which Pope Francis strode during his Middle East pilgrimage.

This Passover, We’re Standing at an Unparted Sea of Reeds

We need to ask ourselves: What will be the future of the State of Israel — and what will it require of us?

Are Most Evangelicals Pro-Israel? Survey Results May Surprise You — and Show a Way Forward

Evangelicals are not as unwavering in their support of Israel as everyone seems to think. That could be good news for the future of Israel.