Parliamentary Elections

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Radicalizing or de-revolutionizing Egypt?

Morsi opponents in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The photograph in the back is of Egyptian Army Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, who … Continued

Poll says Muslim Brotherhood has soured Americans on Egypt

The Islamic political party known as the Muslim Brotherhood has soured American attitudes towards Egypt, arguably America’s most important Arab … Continued

Pro-Putin youths: Mormons, go home

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Activists of pro-Kremlin youth groups “Moldaya gvardiya” and “Nashi” (“Young guard” and “Ours”) attend a rally as they … Continued

Counter Islamists and Islam: The new religious opposition

AMR ABDALLAH DALSH REUTERS A girl walks past a Muslim Brotherhood slogan “Islam is the solution” near a polling station … Continued

Middle East Christians keep wary eye on Arab Spring

CAIRO — From her home, Samia Ramsis holds a key chain bearing the face of the Virgin Mary as visitors … Continued

Will Egypt’s faith in politics last?

MAHMUD HAMS AFP/GETTY IMAGES A girl with her face painted in the colours of the Egyptian flag and the number … Continued

Egypt’s elections and the risky rule of God

ODD ANDERSEN AFP/GETTY IMAGES An Egyptian flag is placed next to the flag of the Freedom and Justice Party, founded … Continued

Why Coptic Christians worry about Egypt

Amr Nabil AP Egyptian Copt girls march in Cairo, as they carry pictures of some of the victims who were … Continued

Israel’s concerns with the Egyptian tumult

By Ori Z. Soltes Religion has always been interwoven with politics. We can trace the use of religion for political … Continued

Egypt’s sad elections

Daniel Brumberg ISLAM AND THE WEST أكد الدكتور أحمد نظيف، رئيس مجلس الوزراء، أن نجاح ٩ وزراء فى الجولة الأولى … Continued

What Obama should say in next speech to Muslim world

By Tad Stahnke Address to the Muslim Word, the Sequel. That’s the way the White House touted President Obama’s speech … Continued

Adrift in Cairo: Is U.S. watching?

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg Egypt, a country of some 82 million people, once was the intellectual, strategic … Continued

Engaging the World Anew

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg One of the emerging lessons of the Obama administration’s foreign policy might be … Continued

Muslim Women Reclaiming Their Rights

Like the status of women in all the World’s religions, in Islam and Muslim societies patriarchy played and in many … Continued

A Difficult and Dangerous Chess Game

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg Yesterday, someone called on the Egyptian people to take to the streets…This person … Continued

A Practical Coalition for Afghanistan

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg Our ultimate goal is not to occupy Afghanistan…but rather to provide the Afghan … Continued

America, Re-Emerging Democracy

Next week’s election has me thinking about democracy both at home and abroad. How, I wonder, can the U.S. promote … Continued

Iran is Not the Enemy

The “axis of evil” has no relevance for me when I think of Iran, a country I’ve found to have … Continued

The Muslim World’s Embattled Secularists

Who will defend the Muslim who doubts his faith? Who speaks for the man or the woman who might believe … Continued