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Quebec moves to ban religious headgear for public employees

TORONTO — Quebec’s separatist, secular-minded government plans to move forward with a controversial bill that would ban religious headgear for … Continued

Okla. judge defends sentencing teenager to church even if it’s not legal

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — A district judge in Oklahoma who sentenced a 17-year-old boy to 10 years of church attendance is … Continued

Mormon blogger, facing excommunication, resigns from church

SALT LAKE CITY — Rather than wait for possible excommunication, Mormon blogger David Twede has resigned his membership in the … Continued

God is back in the party platform, but religion remains an issue for Democrats

God was out and now God is in. And Jerusalem wasn’t the capital of Israel and now it is. The … Continued

Defense: John Edwards a sinner, not a criminal

CHRIS KEANE REUTERS Former U.S. Senator John Edwards leaves the federal court house in Greensboro, North Carolina April 24, 2012. … Continued

Stay at home daughters: new age feminists or intellectually lazy?

By: Nadia S. Mohammad and Anisah Hashmi, contributors to “Stay At Home Daughters” sounds like a slogan for Wahhabi … Continued

May your Christmas be Catholic and gay

The repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) provision for the U.S. armed forces was welcomed by a majority … Continued

Religion by Choice

By Mark SilkDirector, Leonard Greenberg Center, and Contributor to There are a few things that we can see with … Continued

G-20’s commitment to the poor

By Gradye Parsons and Richard Cizik The global economic crisis continues to exact a steep human cost. As we see … Continued

Dr. Woodyard’s half century of inspiration

By Andrew H. PincusDenison University Fifty years is a remarkable commitment in any profession. Dr. David O. Woodyard has been … Continued

What does “proselytize” really mean?

Q: Is there a problem with proselytism overseas by U.S. religious groups? Isn’t sharing one’s faith part of religious freedom? … Continued

Religious expression: a fundamental right

Freedom of expression, including sharing one’s faith with others, is a fundamental human right enshrined in national and international law … Continued

New atheism: A bridge to nowhere

By Douglas Wilsonminister, Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho A billboard in my small town has informed us that it is … Continued

Should Hasan be court-martialed?

By Mikey Weinsteinpresident, Military Religious Freedom Foundation We are learning more each day about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the man … Continued

Finally, a Clear Explainer on Abortion and Health-Care Reform

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Here’s the clearest explanation I’ve found of what is in the health-reform package in the House … Continued

Burqua–A Symbol of Subjugation

What a Muslim woman chooses to wear is her personal choice and others, least of all the State, should not … Continued

Winning Freedom from Religion

How would you respond to radical Muslim clerics in northwest Pakistan — now under Islamic law — who are calling … Continued

Bishops Must Rethink Anti-Abortion Strategy

Northeastern Pennsylvania is the most Catholic part of the United States. According to local experts, 80 percent of the population … Continued

Health Care as a Pro-Life Issue

“Health care is a right, not just a responsibility.” This teaching of the Catholic Church also happens to be a … Continued

The Government Should Leave Women Alone

There is no way the court should overturn Roe v. Wade. Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin say that … Continued