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An aging maverick, Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong has no regrets

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — At 82, retired and enjoying life, Bishop John Shelby Spong doesn’t have to be the liberal … Continued

Gay Catholic priest comes out to an uncertain future

ST. LOUIS — On the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Rev. Gary Meier addressed a congregation of … Continued

Evangelical leaders stand by pastor accused of abuse cover-up

Several leading evangelical pastors and authors have come to the defense of a pastor accused in a lawsuit for covering … Continued

Priest who found love now searches for work

WILMINGTON, N.C. — While burning through their savings looking for jobs, Gerry Murphy and Andrea Kanelopoulos-Murphy and their two young … Continued

Eulogy for my friend journalist William Raspberry

Marvin Joseph WASHINGTON, DC- JUNE 26 William Raspberry attending the Raspberry Roast at the Washington Post in Washington, D.C. on … Continued

Praying for my friend Christopher Hitchens

By Francis Collins I first met Christopher Hitchens at a “salon” organized by Ben Wattenberg a few years ago. The … Continued

20 questions for atheists and believers

I have just finished reading Christopher Hitchens’s memoir Hitch-22, in which he adapts a monthly feature from Vanity Fair magazine … Continued

Blasphemy should be protected speech

Q: Atheists are others are protesting a new law in Ireland, under which a person can be found guilty of … Continued

Sometimes Government Must Act

What should be done when parents rely on religion instead of medicine to heal sick children? Christians know we are … Continued

Returning to Truth in Our Nation and World

In this Jewish New Year, we find ourselves in a world shaped by leaders who have forgotten that their authority … Continued

Character Counts, Religious or Not

Vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin will debate this week. What would you ask them about their religious … Continued

The Economy: Between Cynical Fear and Penitent Hope

“Are the economy’s recent financial failures also moral failures? Are credit and debt religious issues? Do you have faith in … Continued

An Elegant Way to Pray in Jesus’ Name

A minor controversy has arisen over the ending of the Rev. Joel Hunter’s beautiful benediction at the Democratic Convention’s conclusion … Continued

Communion for Non-Catholics and Kabbalah for Non-Jews….With Integrity

I love the fact that Sally Quinn chose to break with her regular practice, and take communion at Tim Russert’s … Continued

Honest Politician an Illusion

In politics the problem of trust often boils down to a question of authenticity. Is a politician the person he … Continued

Politicians and the Cycle of Lying

Half-truths are the bread and butter of politics. This must be so where compromise is the only way to move … Continued

Casting for Votes, not Debate

Many years ago, as a Midshipman in the Navy, I was taught the rules of conversation appropriate to the gentility … Continued

Personal and Public Morality in Politics

Is adultery a sin? Yes it is and if we can’t still draw that line in the sand, there are … Continued

Natural Companions

Faith and works have always been natural companions, and to try to draw a precise dividing line between the two … Continued

On Bilingual Candidates

Candidates who are religious—that is, whose religion is a matter of faith and not just habit—and who enter into public … Continued