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Conservatives say censorship has increased on Facebook, iTunes

RNS () — Todd Starnes did not think he had violated Facebook’s community standards when he posted about “wearing an … Continued

Millennials are faithful, but not always religious

Community is the answer to my generation’s struggle with religion.

What are Jewish values?

More than two-thirds (68 percent) of Jewish Americans say they will participate in a Passover Seder this year, a ritual … Continued

Jewish support for Obama strong despite Israel stance

WASHINGTON — Despite Democratic worries that President Obama could lose Jewish support over his Middle East policies, a new poll … Continued

Study offers view of religious life behind prison walls

WASHINGTON — Behind high prison walls and rolls of barbed wire, Muslim and pagan inmates are most likely to have … Continued

Terrorist responsible for Norway attacks is not a Christian

Aas, Erlend AP People comfort each other outside Oslo City Hall as they participate in a “rose march” in memory … Continued

Serious Catholics more likely to vote their beliefs

By Thomas Peters Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with … Continued

Let Christian faith seek understanding

The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque planned for construction near Ground … Continued

The Texas Bored of Education, Real Estate and Dentistry

You’ve got to love the Texas Board of Education. Its members–most of whom take pride in being “just folks” and … Continued

Military vs. religious authority

By Ilene Rosenblumfree-lance writer living in Israel The Israeli government is due to take up a decision by the Israeli … Continued

Repairing Religious Wounds

By Wendy Sternberg, MDFounder, Executive Director, Genesis at the Crossroads “We will not be able to mention any religion (Jewish, … Continued

Faithful Fellowship on C Street

The house on C Street in Washington D.C. referenced by Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina in his stream of … Continued

Israel. Palestine. Generation 2.0

Common Ground News Service asked two social activists — an Israeli woman in Jerusalem, a Palestinian woman in Hebron — … Continued

The Way We Use Religion Polarizes and Distracts Us

Religion invoked as a reason to vote for or against a political candidate – by which we generally mean invoking … Continued

Pluralism is a Strength, not a Weakness

This Pew Forum study underscores the fact that America is the most religious pluralistic nation in the world. In fact, … Continued

There He Was

I shouted to him several times “Don’t limit God!” He lectured me about the Holy Spirit at work in the church. Kanye West blasted on.

Atheists Must Deal With the ‘Problem of Good’

Reading the comments on this website, it’s clear there are some atheists out there who have even more of a … Continued