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“Faithful Citizenship” — What the Catholic Bishops Say

The Catholic bishops in the United States do not, of course, endorse particular political candidates. But they have outlined important … Continued

The Way We Use Religion Polarizes and Distracts Us

Religion invoked as a reason to vote for or against a political candidate – by which we generally mean invoking … Continued

“Obsession” Film: Is There Something Wrong with Being a Muslim in America?

Said Colin Powell in a recent major interview: “The correct answer is, he [Obama] is not a Muslim. He’s a … Continued

You Shall Know Them By Their Lobbyists

Here’s one thing for certain: Revs. Muthee and Wright did not lobby Sarah Palin and Barack Obama for political cover … Continued

Christianity, Faith and Religion in Politics

Vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin will debate this week. What would you ask them about their religious … Continued

Rick Warren, Interfaith Activist

Rick Warren is our new Billy Graham – at the center of not only his own Christian tradition, but of … Continued

“A Mass Violation of Federal Tax Law”

Yesterday, the Alliance Defense Fund staged its highly anticipated and controversial “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” Last night, I spoke by phone … Continued

Divine Impulses: T.D. Jakes

It was only when T.D. Jakes lost his father at the age of 16 that he came to know God. … Continued

Pulpit Initiative About Freedom, not Politics

The purpose of the Alliance Defense Fund’s Pulpit Initiative is to restore the right of pastors to speak freely from … Continued

Evangelical Call for Endorsements

Jesus ate with reviled tax collectors, a scandal to religious authorities at the time, but as far as I can … Continued

The Race for Pastor-in-Chief

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Democratic National Convention to share my concerns about the misuse of … Continued

Democrats and Bloggers Get Religion

At this Democratic National Convention, bloggers hang out in what is called “The Big Tent.” The Big Tent is an … Continued

Separation of Church and State and Hiring

It is good to hear a prominent, evangelical pastor profess his belief in the separation of church and state. I … Continued

Rick Warren: Official Pastor of Campaign 2008

I’ve been trying to decide which is more troubling: That our two candidates for president are making their first joint … Continued

McCain, Obama and the Saddleback Forum

Hi Jon and Sally. Here is the FAQ I just sent out from my staff to Saddleback members: SADDLEBACK CIVIL … Continued

Saddleback’s Civil Forum with McCain and Obama

Hi Jon and Sally. Here is the FAQ I just sent out from my staff to Saddleback members: SADDLEBACK CIVIL … Continued

Piecemeal Pragmatic Pluralism

Today’s guest blogger is Timothy P. Manatt. Timothy is a recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where he studied comparative … Continued

Hillary’s Faith and Values “Guru” Speaks

Mississippi native Burns Strider was, until just a few weeks ago, Senior Adviser and Director of Faith Based Outreach for … Continued

Unkosher Meat, Unkosher Politics

Off-hand, one might think problems at a kosher meatpacking house are the concern of the Jewish community alone. But in … Continued

Sound Bites Replacing Thought, Truth

It is a sad fact of our society today that sound bites make up most of what we know about … Continued