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Our pope, the sinner

(Andrew Medichini/AP ) As soon as word broke of Pope Francis’s interview the gears of the 24 hour news cycle … Continued

The ‘tender’ pope

Pope Francis gives me hope. As a scholar thinking and writing about just peace, I have written about St. Francis … Continued

Unions as a means of protecting human dignity is echoed in Jewish law

GETTY IMAGES Union members hold a sit-in in the rotunda of the Michigan State Capitol to protest a vote on … Continued

How does a ‘Jubilee’ roll? Jesus explains.

AP Occupy DC demonstrators protest as they try to block the guest entrance to the Alfalfa Dinner at the Capitol … Continued

Q&A with ‘Nonbeliever Nation’ author David Niose

David Niose is president of the American Humanist Association and vice president of the Secular Coalition for America, a group … Continued

‘Radicalization’ hearings on Muslim return to Capitol

WASHINGTON — House lawmakers split along party lines at a hearing Wednesday (June 20) meant to gauge Muslim responses to … Continued

Pope to find mixed political messages in Mexico trip

SILAO, Mexico — Pilgrims ply a winding mountain to the summit of the Cerro del Cubilete in the western state … Continued

Catholic voter guide differs from two Catholic candidates

A group of Democratic-leaning Catholics on Wednesday (Feb. 29) released a 2012 voter guide that seeks to expand the concept … Continued

Facebook, the new town square

Even though I use Facebook frequently, I doubt my usage pattern will justify a $100 billion valuation for the company … Continued

Religion at the GOP debate

ABC News hosted a halting debate Saturday night at St. Anselm College. It was followed by a far better “Meet … Continued

Egypt’s elections and the risky rule of God

ODD ANDERSEN AFP/GETTY IMAGES An Egyptian flag is placed next to the flag of the Freedom and Justice Party, founded … Continued

Pope Benedict goes to #OWS

Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges cheers upon his arrival in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican to hold a … Continued

‘Dominionism’ beliefs among conservative Christians overblown

Here we go again. The Republican primaries are six months away, and already news stories are raising fears on the … Continued

Feminist Muslims? The view from Bangladesh

The great majority of Bangladesh’s 160 million citizens are Muslims, making it one of the world’s largest Muslim communities. Bengali … Continued

Political monotheism and the slippery slope to Tucson

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

Deviant theology of violent extremists

By Imam Mohamed MagidExecutive director, All Dulles Area Muslim Society; President, Islamic Society of North America; Board member, Muflehun As … Continued

Congressman Keith Ellison: “an American’s religion is their own business”

By Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) Americans want unity, inclusion, and a spirit of generosity–not hate, bigotry, and fear. We cannot … Continued

Balancing faith with the Constitution

In recent debates between tea party endorsed Senate candidates and their Democratic opponents, faith has emerged as a campaign issue. … Continued

Real witchcraft deserves respect –not O’Donnell’s dabbling

Whatever Christine O’Donnell may have dabbled in, it wasn’t Witchcraft. As someone who is openly and publicly a Witch myself … Continued

Party / Religion / Sect / Cult

The Tea Party can be called “religious” in the sense that it crystallizes religious aspects American political discourse.