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Using the Holocaust, again

BAZ RATNER REUTERS Ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrators look at a boy (low L) wearing a cloth cap and a yellow Star … Continued

Breivik a Christian, terrorist but not ‘Christian terrorist’

Despite the best efforts of ideologues on both sides, including some of my colleagues here at On Faith, it is … Continued

Muslim freedom, American ignorance

Former Arkansas governor and 2012 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee found himself in hot water this week after he called Islam … Continued

A secular view of Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

By Jacques Berlinerblau President Obama spoke on Thursday morning at the 59th annual National Prayer Breakfast. The gathering is one … Continued

Rethink, not reload

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

Tough talk. Firm beliefs.

Last week while the left was mocking the reading of the U.S. Constitution during the opening of the 112th Congress, … Continued

Must separate church from state…and sex!

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

US Muslims should be American first

By Mansoor Ijaz I am an American by birth, a Muslim by faith and a New Yorker at heart — … Continued

Obama’s religion: does your president’s faith matter?

A Pew Research Center survey showed that nearly 20 percent of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim (he is not), and only one-third of Americans believe he is a Christian (he is).

Marriage a Civil Right, not Sacred Rite

Marriage is a civil union between two people, a covenant of agreement that they will live together and love each … Continued

Sotomayor, the SBC, Land and the GOP

What does it say when a Southern Baptist Republican senator leans toward endorsing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor two days … Continued

The Veil in Context

President Obama recently criticized a French law that prohibits Muslim girls and women from wearing body- and face-covering garments in … Continued

Losing Our American Way

By Norman LearTelevision producer In 1980 I had what I look back on now as a born-again-as-an-American moment. I heard … Continued

Notre Dame’s Betrayal

By Patrick J. Reillypresident, Cardinal Newman Society In recent weeks, liberal pundits have rallied to the defense of the University … Continued

Religion, Violence and My Murdered Friend

Aasiya Zubair, who was murdered at the Buffalo offices of Bridges TV, was my friend and colleague. In fact, the … Continued

I’m a Born Again American

More than 4 million people have viewed the music video, “I’m a Born Again American,” composed by the Grammy Award … Continued

Shariah and Minority Rights

In recent weeks I have given a lot of thought to the flap over Barack Obama’s assertion that economic frustration … Continued

Democracy Must Discipline Religion

I have said and written many times that I think a good and fair discussion of how a candidate’s faith … Continued