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Salafis try their hand at religious politics

Since the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Salafism has been struggling to maintain its image as a sacred ideology.

What’s a Christian theologian doing at a conference on secularism?

As a Christian theologian, I gladly accepted the invitation to speak at the conference “Secularism on the Edge: The Church … Continued

The religious left needs strong moral issues

“Why do reporters cover hateful and controversial religion stories but never the nice, good things that religious leaders do?” I’m … Continued

Is the Dalai Lama retiring?

This is the fourth in a series of five columns written by Matteo Pistono for the visit of Chinese President … Continued

Is Sharia law reconcilable with modernity?

By Ali Gomaa Among the claims made against the man behind the mosque near Ground Zero, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

Let the Irvine 11 speak

By Yasmin Mogahedprofessor, author Earlier this month, students at the University of California at Irvine and Berkeley passed a resolution … Continued

Benedict the Radical

UNORTHODOXY By Patrick J. Deneen Recent commentary on Pope Benedict XVI’s invitation to Anglicans to enter the Catholic fold has … Continued

An African View of the Palin Video

I just again watched the video clip of Sarah Palin being prayed for by the Kenyan preacher, Pastor Muthee, and … Continued

Iran is Not the Enemy

The “axis of evil” has no relevance for me when I think of Iran, a country I’ve found to have … Continued

Can Religion Help Us Heal From Sexism and Racism? Umm…?

I am not big on arguing whose oppression is the most severe or who is more of a victim than … Continued

The Problem and Potential of Religion

The Question: Which “ism” is more entrenched in America, sexism or racism? Which should religion address? I am not big … Continued

Getting Secularism Right Leads to the Left

Atheists like to take credit for having invented secularism; they did – in Europe. Secularism in the U.S., on the … Continued

God Save Us From God’s Politics

I don’t want to hear a word–not one bloviating word–about any candidate’s personal “moral values.” Self-assured, decent people don’t feel … Continued

Two Flags and a Cloud of Witnesses

It has been said that the American founders, as in the First Amendment to the Constitution, “solved the religious question … Continued

Forget Sin: Pay Attention to Relationships

Religious presumptions about sex outside marriage often produce a mismatched hodgepodge of sanctimoniousness and Manichaeism instead of righteous behavior. In … Continued

Fatwas and Modernity

Almost two years ago the citizens of London were victims of a great atrocity. Those who perpetrated those crimes would … Continued