Pope Benedict XVI

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Snippets from Obama’s meeting with Pope

By William Wan President Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI at The Vatican today. Not much detail yet from the … Continued

The Scoop on Obama’s Gift to Pope Tomorrow

By William Wan What do you get for a man who already possesses leadership over one-sixth of the world’s population … Continued

The Pope and the President: What to Expect

By Jacqueline L. Salmon White House spokesman Robert Gibbs yesterday predicted a “frank talk” on abortion between President Barack Obama … Continued

Another Take on the Pope’s Encyclical

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The Rev. Eugene J. Koprowski from the Missionaries of the Evangelium Vitae e-mailed me to express … Continued

The Pope and Peoria

For decades now, politics in the United States has tested relevance to Middle America by asking: “How will it play … Continued

Liberal Catholics Rejoice in Pope’s Encyclical

By Jacqueline L. Salmon To call progressive Catholics jubilant over today’s encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI is understating the case. … Continued

Catholics and Unions

When I was growing up, it was almost part of the catechism that Catholics backed labor unions. We were taught … Continued

Vatican (Finally) Shows Some Media Savvy

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Who said the pope isn’t media savvy? Pope Benedict XVI is expected to delay the release … Continued

Obama to meet with Pope Benedict XVI

By William Wan President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Benedict XVI on July 10. In a short aside during … Continued

The New Muslim-Catholic Coalition

The political experts will decide if President Obama’s speech at the University of Cairo on June 4 was a factor … Continued

The Pope’s Peaceful Trip

Pope Benedict XVI was featured on Jon Stewart’s Comedy Channel faux-news show, meaning that the papal trip to the Holy … Continued

In Defense of Celibacy

Should the Catholic priesthood be restricted to single, celibate men? Do clergy restrictions based on gender, marital status or sexual … Continued

Father Alberto the Man

I have had the opportunity to listen to a lengthy Spanish TV interview with Father Alberto Cutié and was struck … Continued

Priestly Celibacy: A Self-Inflicted Wound

Should the Catholic priesthood be restricted to single, celibate men? Do clergy restrictions based on gender, marital status or sexual … Continued

Modern Witch Hunts

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall Years ago, while traveling with my children in Africa, I heard about a Catholic … Continued

Taliban’s Coercion Betrays Qur’an

By Aloysious MoweVisiting Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center Sufi Mohammed and the Taliban betray a studied ignorance of Islamic scripture, law, … Continued

We Are All Holocaust Witnesses

By Menachem Z. Rosensaft General Counsel of the World Jewish Congress On April 24, 1945, my mother, Dr. Hadassah Bimko … Continued

Analyzing the Pope’s Apologies

By Aaron LazareM.D., professor When a person or group offends another person or group, an apology is often the most … Continued

The Power of Apology

World leaders do not take well to people in power apologizing, but I think its opposition to apologies seriously erodes … Continued

New Occasions Teach New Duties — Even to Popes

Pope Benedict XVI has offered a number of apologies recently – for clergy sex abuse, for promoting a Holocaust denier, … Continued