Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict’s Apologies Teach Spiritual Lesson For All

Those with an ax to grind about the Catholic Church, the papacy in general, and Pope Benedict XVI in particular, … Continued

On America, Land of Cults

A Baltimore mother accused of joining a cult and starving her child says she was acting on her religious beliefs. … Continued

Pope, Condoms and AIDS

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese Even before he got off the plane in Africa, Pope Benedict XVI caused … Continued

Satan? Fear Not

What forces were at work in his soul which created such malice, such irrational hatred?

Impeach the Pope

By Robert S. McElvaineProfessor of Arts & Letters, Millsaps College Enough! No–Too much! Amid all the justified outrage we all … Continued

Pope: “I Deeply Regret….”

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese Some people think that being pope means “never having to say you’re sorry,” … Continued

On Benedict and Holocaust Denial

Richard Cohen’s powerful column Tuesday is a reminder that Catholics should be speaking up about Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to … Continued

Confrontation not Conciliation

Confrontation not conciliation should be the response to Holocaust deniers. I say this as someone who at one time made … Continued

Benedict Undermining His Own Legacy

The lifting of the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson by Pope Benedict XVI caused a firestorm of protest from Jews … Continued

On Pitying the Fool: Dealing with Holocaust Deniers

President Obama and Pope Benedict XVI’s respective jobs require them to deal with fools on a regular basis. There is … Continued

Pope Must Denounce Holocaust Deniers

Like flat earthers, Holocaust deniers simply refuse to acknowledge reality. On being shown pictures taken from a satellite that showed … Continued

Jewish Reaction to Pope Disproportionate

The official Jewish response to Pope Benedict XVI recent decision to reach out to the St. Pious X Society and … Continued

Ending Schism with a Bang

Because I think anti-Catholicism is as odious as anti-Semitism, I am concerned by the barrage of criticism in the media … Continued

What the Pope Should Do To Reassure the World

Pope Benedict’s decision to undo the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson, an unrepentant Holocaust denier, has been met with wall … Continued

Pope Benedict: Panderer or Creative Community Builder?

Pope Benedict XVI has reinstated four previously excommunicated bishops, all of whom are members of a far-right group that rejects … Continued

Catholics Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop on Abortion?

While pro-life marchers brought to Washington DC by Catholic diocesan agencies carried posters depicting President Barack Obama with Hitler’s mustache … Continued

Losing Haight and Neuhaus

Catholic America lost two important intellectual voices in the first fortnight of January 2009. The influential neo-conservative intellectual, Father John … Continued

The Double Life of Tony Blair

It was, perhaps, an ill-kept secret. as Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair was officially an Anglican. Unofficially, though, he … Continued

Pope Says No to Inter-Religious Dialogue

Pope Benedict XVI is at it again – making fine distinctions which create gross problems. He declared to the world … Continued

Priest Calls Vote for Obama a Mortal Sin

A Catholic priest in South Carolina has decided that the democratic act of casting a vote is, in some cases, … Continued