Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Can Speak; Church Must Act

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

Pope Benedict, Islam, and Magdi Allam

On March 22 at St. Peter’s in Rome Pope Benedict XVI baptized a Muslim journalist named Magdi Allam, and in … Continued

Benedict Not a Single-Issue Pope

The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in the middle of a presidential election is raising hopes among Republicans, fears among … Continued

Pope Benedict Wants You!

The Question: Pope Benedict’s recent baptism of a well-known Italian Muslim has prompted criticism in much of the Islamic world. … Continued

Pope Benedict and American Catholicism: On The Titanic’s Deck

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

Yoga Challenge for the Pope

Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to the U.S. is sure to provoke unfavorable comparisons to his more charismatic predecessor, John Paul … Continued

Church Can’t Accept (or Justify) Either

The Question: Which “ism” is more entrenched in America, sexism or racism? Which should religion address? Racism is more obvious … Continued

How Would Jesus Vote?

First of all, it is important to state emphatically that there are no grounds to the rumor that Jesus is … Continued

Living Shari`a in the West

In a dense 6,200-word address to the Royal Courts of Justice, Archbishop Rowan Williams hoped to initiate a scholarly discussion … Continued

In Defense of Secularism

In the public school I went to in the 1970s, “secular” was A neutral, descriptive word. Our social-studies teacher taught … Continued

Tenth Day: A Muslim at Mt. Sinai

To merely call our conversation ‘interfaith dialog’ would miss the point.

Religion No Panacea For Social Injustice

People who are living longer with AIDS and HIV today owe their continued existence not to religion or religious leaders … Continued

AIDS, Condoms and Dogma

“Well-intentioned religious believers”? That phrase, I confess, makes me deeply uneasy. In practice the selflessness of such people can be … Continued

Sant’Egidio’s ‘Prayer for Peace’

Forty years ago, Andrea Riccardi dedicated himself in Rome to helping his poorest neighbors. Last month in Naples, he challenged … Continued

We Preach Christ Crucified

It is unquestionably true that the major religious traditions preach love, compassion and forgiveness. Is that their basic message? Yes … Continued

Beyond Vatican II: My Truth, Your Truth, The Truth

In recent weeks Pope Benedict XVI has unnerved liberal Catholics as well as many Protestants and Jews with two pronouncements. … Continued

The Pope is Wrong

“The Pope is right” was my opening line last week. He should have encouraged the bishops of that church to … Continued

The Nun, the Buddhist and the Columnist

Last weekend I was involved in two conversations – one brief, one extended – touching the reassertion by Pope Benedict … Continued

Is the Pope catholic (small c)?

First, does anyone care? Yes, millions do, with differing degrees of intensity. Catholics, first. One faction cheers, because they are … Continued

One Body, Imperfect Parts

To those for whom religious “preference” is of no more consequence than any other lifestyle choice — something like Saab … Continued