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Holocaust Deniers, as Enemies of Public Fact, are Enemies of Truth

Is it better to challenge or ignore Holocaust deniers such as Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson and Iranian President Mahmoud Amadenijad? … Continued

Pope Must Denounce Holocaust Deniers

Like flat earthers, Holocaust deniers simply refuse to acknowledge reality. On being shown pictures taken from a satellite that showed … Continued

Jewish Reaction to Pope Disproportionate

The official Jewish response to Pope Benedict XVI recent decision to reach out to the St. Pious X Society and … Continued

Ending Schism with a Bang

Because I think anti-Catholicism is as odious as anti-Semitism, I am concerned by the barrage of criticism in the media … Continued

What the Pope Should Do To Reassure the World

Pope Benedict’s decision to undo the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson, an unrepentant Holocaust denier, has been met with wall … Continued

Mutual Respect Possible, But Takes Two Sides

President Obama is absolutely right in seeking a new way forward with the Muslim world based on mutual interest and … Continued

Pope Benedict: Panderer or Creative Community Builder?

Pope Benedict XVI has reinstated four previously excommunicated bishops, all of whom are members of a far-right group that rejects … Continued

Just a Catholic

In the end it wasn’t Thomas Aquinas, Pope Benedict or even St. Teresa of Avila – my favorite saint – … Continued

Catholics Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop on Abortion?

While pro-life marchers brought to Washington DC by Catholic diocesan agencies carried posters depicting President Barack Obama with Hitler’s mustache … Continued

Losing Haight and Neuhaus

Catholic America lost two important intellectual voices in the first fortnight of January 2009. The influential neo-conservative intellectual, Father John … Continued

Pope Says No to Inter-Religious Dialogue

Pope Benedict XVI is at it again – making fine distinctions which create gross problems. He declared to the world … Continued

Seeking Common Ground between Muslims and Christians

Editor’s Note: The author will moderate a discussion with three Jesuit panelists on the topic “Muslims and Christians: Where Do … Continued

Priest Calls Vote for Obama a Mortal Sin

A Catholic priest in South Carolina has decided that the democratic act of casting a vote is, in some cases, … Continued

Compassion Does Not Demonize ‘Fundamentalism’

Opposing a call to compassion feels like kicking a puppy with a broken paw, but it isn’t. A call to … Continued

Catholic College Students Behaving Badly

The results of a new national survey of students at Catholic colleges and universities are dismal–that is, if one expects … Continued

Catholicism and Same-Sex Marriage

The Catholic bishops of Connecticut support a State Constitutional Convention to draft provisions for blocking gay marriages. Last week, the … Continued

Grandmothers To Pope: Drop Edict

Over 500 years ago, Indigenous peoples of the western hemisphere first experienced the arrival of the Europeans (Spaniards and Italians … Continued

Kermit the Christ

I suppose you could call it “Kermit-Christ.” An equally odd but more matter of fact description would be “the crucified … Continued

Barack, Thy Name is Biblical

Vilifying Barack Obama’s name has become a favorite blood sport in the 2008 presidential campaign. Recent examples range from repeated … Continued

Why I Can’t Be a Catholic Conservative

The Catholic Church is essentially conservative because it preserves tradition. Yet, Protestants complain that Catholicism has changed too much from … Continued