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Lovely Language, Ugly Words

In my opinion, it’s fine to do the Catholic Mass in Latin, if the priest and the audience want to. … Continued

11th Commandment: Stop Talking

A young woman reflects on her experience as a lector in the church.

Once A Sacred Cow, Always A Sacred Cow

When the open-hearted and open-minded Pope John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council in 1962, he welcomed Jewish observers with … Continued

The Power of Poetry

The debate about the language in which we learn and express our faith is often misleading, I think, because amid … Continued

We Need God

I would imagine that for most people being saved is paramount. That is assuming, of course, that they think they … Continued

Pope’s Message Mixed, Missed

Pope Benedict XVI may have been flying to Brazil and speaking about Mexico City, but his in-flight words to reporters … Continued

Jesus Broke Barriers; Pope Builds Them

It is difficult for anyone to say with certainty what Jesus was. The portrait painted of him in the gospels … Continued

The Man Nobody Knows

One of the primary reasons for the historical success of Christianity has been the malleability of the image of the … Continued

Jesus Christ is the Revolution

“For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, … Continued

“Sorry” Doesn’t Get it Done

The relationship of repentance and forgiveness is a very controversial subject in theology and ethics. In the mid 1990’s, I … Continued

Is the Resurrection the Next Step in Evolution?

Christ’s Resurrection is something more than simply the miracle of a corpse returning to life. It is something more, something … Continued

Calling All Gays: Try Reason Instead of Religion

As an atheist and a freethinker, I cannot offer any contribution to the dialogue between people of faith about the … Continued

More than 17 centuries have passed since the death of Saint Valentine, who served as bishop of Terni, a small … Continued

Living As if God Really Did Exist

An important dialogue between a believer and a non-believer has developed in the past two years in the conversation between … Continued

Christianity’s Record Not Blameless

At Regensburg Pope Benedict XVI, quoting the words of a Byzantine emperor, said that the message of Islam was evil … Continued

“First, Take the Log Out Of Your Own Eye.”

Yes, we do have to tackle the tough questions in interfaith dialogue. I believe that is what Pope Benedict XVI … Continued

Courageous Muslims Should Be Supported

It is time to stop pretending that the “more violent and extreme elements” within Islam constitute a tiny minority and … Continued

Does the Pope Have a Speechwriter?

Does the Pope have a speech-writer? I do not know, but I suspect so – and more than one. Given … Continued

Pope’s Comments on Islam Understandable and Clear

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Turkey is a major media event.The backdrop is the question of how Muslims will respond … Continued

Muslim Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

On October 12th an Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI signed by 38 Muslim scholars from around the world was … Continued