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Mainline Protestants: Vintage or vibrant?

WASHINGTON — Who are the mainline Protestants today? Vintage Protestants? The VPCC — Vanishing Progressive Christian Church? The Legacy Church? … Continued

Why many Methodists still oppose same-sex marriage

Signs display messages about gay marriage in front of the Devon Park United Methodist Church polling site on Tuesday, May … Continued

ANALYSIS: A cultural wave on gay marriage reaches the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Sometimes a court opinion is more than just a court opinion. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s 26-page decision Wednesday (June 26) … Continued

Catholic women and contraception: Why don’t Catholics use Natural Family Planning?

Associated Press The Catholic Church, McGuire argues, should use this moment to more clearly explain its teaching on contraception and … Continued

Atheism on the upswing in America

Atheism – The absence of theism. So if you doubt the existence of any gods more than you believe in … Continued

Faltering and Leading: The Conservative Movement

By Tim Muldoon In the aftermath of Jesus’ death, a frightened Peter and a group of dispirited disciples scattered, lost … Continued

Joel Osteen: ‘Homosexuality is a sin’

By Elizabeth Tenety Known for his focus on uplifting Christian messages and ability to stay away from controversial social and … Continued

Justice, mercy and the D.C. sniper

John Allen Muhammad, known as the D.C. sniper, will be executed tonight in Virginia. Muhammad, along with his protégé Lee … Continued

Americans Want Movies with Morals, Christian Values

When Hollywood gives moviegoers entertaining movies with moral values and inspiring stories full of positive faith, moviegoers flock to the … Continued

A Better Choice for Evangelical Outreach

When it comes to religion, Barack Obama is deaf in one ear. There was considerable accuracy to the pre-election criticism … Continued

Stereotyping Palin and Pentecostalism

Recently, Dr. George Wood of the Assemblies of God denounced a Pat Oliphant cartoon that made light of not just … Continued

Temple of Conflict

Far away on a remote border between Cambodia and Thailand, an international conflict is brewing. The United Nations Security Council … Continued

God Save Us From God’s Politics

I don’t want to hear a word–not one bloviating word–about any candidate’s personal “moral values.” Self-assured, decent people don’t feel … Continued

Born Again Democrats

Embedded in the historical narrative of the Democratic Party is the indisputable fact that somewhere in the 1970’s and solidified … Continued