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Becoming Ironic Points of Light

Only when we learn to imagine (or reimagine) other people can we lessen our culture of violence.

How You Can Stand with Baltimore

Three thoughts to acknowledge and three actions to take for those watching the events in Baltimore.

Protecting God’s Earth Is Our Shared Sacred Duty

This Earth Day, we commit to safeguarding communities from the harms of climate change.

5 Ways You Can Save Lives on World Water Day

The global water crisis impacts us all — and faith voices can provide hope.

5 Ways to Move from a Charity Mindset toward Justice Work

A pattern of charity belief and behavior fuels the self-segregation of our society by race and class.

Debunking 5 Myths About Social Justice

What is social justice, really — and why should it matter to our faith?

Report: 620,000 U.S. Military Families Rely on Food Assistance

A new study finds that one in seven Americans relies on food programs to feed themselves and their families.

What I Learned About Being Wealthy By Going Broke

If being rich was a sign of God’s blessing, was going broke a sign of God’s curse?

Pope Francis: Stop the Culture of Waste

What is the human cost of our tendency to throw away?

The Pope and the President: What to Look for in the Obama-Francis Summit

Reporter David Gibson offers initial ideas on how President Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis could play out.

Hunger in America: A Moral Crisis that Government Must Help Solve

Our faith traditions require a commitment not only to private charity, but to SNAP and other government solutions as well.