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Repent It Forward

“Ours is an age which has forgotten how to cry.” –Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Yom Kippur is Jewish crying-time. It’s … Continued

A New Mother’s Holiday Vow

By Natasha Rosenstock In my single days I would attend multiple classes designed to help me figure out my character … Continued

Splinter Episcopalians: Giving Gravitas to Trivia

Ari Goldman, the former religion reporter at The New York Times (and not coincidentally my favorite secular religion newspaper writer … Continued

Whose Religious Extremists?

Lyndon Johnson once said of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover: “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent p–ing … Continued

The Anarchy of Love will Prevail

The two men seemed to be in their early seventies. They asked me to sign the book to both of … Continued

King, Moses and Midrash

Death and Resurrection? Christian theology, of course, centers on that rhythm. Traditional Jewish prayer books also praise the God Who … Continued

“Kavannah” My House of Worship

The Campus Catholic’s posting a few weeks ago about the lameness of church sounded familiar, but in American Judaism the … Continued

Forgetting Theology

“You, Lord, are truth.” Draped in a prayer shawl with four fringed corners, decked in full suit and tie, swaying … Continued

Peering Into the World of the Dead

At 1:52 AM on October 31,1999, a Boeing 767, EgyptAir Flight 990, plunged at almost Mach One into the ocean … Continued

The Heavy Yoke of Religion

“The law of religion is the great attempt of humankind to overcome anxiety and restlessness and despair, to close the … Continued

Letty Cottin Pogrebin: 50 Top Rabbis

In the April 2 issue of Newsweek, Michael Lynton and his friends rated “The Top Fifty Rabbis in America” according … Continued

Prayer and Self-Delusion

Just as people sometimes delude themselves that they are “in love,” so can they believe that they are praying, that … Continued

Prayer As Begging, Thanking, or Simply Saying ‘Hello’

The main point of prayer is, in essence, to express and establish some kind of connection with God. This connection … Continued