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The very personal ethics of prenatal testing

(Bigstock photo/ ) Every pregnant woman has decisions to make about prenatal genetic testing, and it’s not as simple as … Continued

Forced abortion in China prompts outrage, calls for reform

Chinese Government forces women to abort their second child in order to tame the ever-growing population. Should the government have any authority in family planning?

Pro-choice and pro-life? On abortion, Americans say ‘it’s complicated.’

Brendan Hoffman A pro-life activist stands in front of pro-choice activists with the National Organization For Women at a Jan. … Continued

Why Americans are becoming more pro-life

Brendan Hoffman GETTY IMAGES Pro-life activists march up Constitution Avenue at the March for Life rally on January 23, 2012 … Continued

Do Protestants overlook Mary?

Luca Bruno AP A Christmas tree frames the golden statue of the Virgin Mary atop the Duomo gothic cathedral in … Continued

Decatholicizing opinions vs. catholicizing facts

In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have … Continued

A Critical Distinction

By Tom Grenchik This summer, the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine released a clarification entitled: The Distinction between Direct Abortion … Continued

Arizona hospital no longer ‘Catholic’ after abortion to save mother’s life

By Elizabeth Tenety When an 11-weeks pregnant woman suffering serious health complications entered St. Joseph’s Hospital, a Catholic medical center … Continued

Is there common ground in abortion debate?

By Charles C. Camosy Religious pro-life voices in the public debate are often marginalized. First, the arguments they make are … Continued

Living Judaism in the West Bank

By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Israel is a magical country, but to experience one of its greatest wonders you have to … Continued

Whose history is it anyway?

History empowers and history emasculates. History, like art, is beautiful or odious to the beholder. There are winners and losers … Continued

Tim Tebow, his mother’s choice, and what this young woman wants

By Megan Donovanlegislative advocate, Center for Reproductive Rights Twenty-two years ago, Pam Tebow made a courageous decision to continue a … Continued

Vaccination: the moral imperative

Q: Polls show a majority of Americans are concerned about the H1N1 virus (swine flu), but also about the safety … Continued

Murder is Murder and Abortion is Not

So another physician has been murdered for making it possible for women to actually use their constitutional right to choose … Continued

What Obama Should Have Said

What did you think of President Obama’s commencement speech Sunday at Notre Dame? How will the Notre Dame controversy change … Continued

Palin: A Narrow Evangelical President?

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin recently suggested that a gas pipeline is “God’s will” and the Iraq war is “a … Continued

Sarah Palin’s Priorities

Anne Graham Lotz is Billy Graham’s daughter. She is a Southern Baptist. She has her own “ministry” but she is … Continued

Faith in Common Ground

I appreciate the opportunity to write for On Faith today. This is a unique community and it’s sparking a much-needed … Continued