Premarital Sex

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Mother Dolores Hart, from kissing Elvis to joining the convent

WASHINGTON — The way fans reacted to Dolores Hart’s decision to become a cloistered nun, you might have thought the … Continued

Even if they don’t follow its rules, Catholics stick with their church

American Catholics are famously indifferent to the directives of their leaders. They don’t follow the rule book on much of … Continued

The kids are all right — but disagree with bishops on sex and birth control

The headline last week in the National Catholic Reporter, the country’s go-to source for all things Catholic, might have run … Continued

Evangelical coalition rallies behind family planning

WASHINGTON — A coalition of evangelicals is calling on fellow Christians to support access to family planning across the world, … Continued

Praying for rain: Atheist critics show how petty and small-minded they’ve become

With the death of writer Christopher Hitchens and the withdrawal of Sam Harris, author of “The End of Faith,” from … Continued

Faculty leave Baptist school, Shorter University, over “lifestyle” statement

More than two dozen faculty members have resigned from Shorter University, a Baptist school in Georgia, after it required them … Continued

The temptation of Tim Tebow

Mike Stobe GETTY IMAGES Quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media as he is introduced as a New York Jet at … Continued

Evangelicals say it’s time for frank talk about sex

The statistics, some evangelicals say, can no longer be ignored. Eighty percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex, … Continued

Do you need a new marriage?

Photographer: Will Foster Driscoll is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Last week, my wife Grace and I … Continued

Abstinence from the Twilight big screen to college campuses

Joel Ryan AP British actor Robert Pattinson, left, US actress Kristen Stewart, centre, and US actor Taylor Lautner arrive for … Continued

For young evangelicals, can true love wait?

Mary Altaffer ASSOCIATED PRESS Bristol Palin poses for photographers on the red carpet during an event to promote National Teen … Continued

Why I’m rooting for BYU

By Kathy Orton I’m rooting for BYU, and not just because I think Jimmer Fredette is one of the most … Continued

Brandon Davies suspension: BYU stands on principle

BYU basketball star Bradon Davies was suspended from the basketball team this week, reportedly for admitting to having premarital sex. … Continued

Sex and the Anti-Economics of Love

By Tim Muldoon A quick glance around the colliding worlds of the blogosphere and academia reveals an interesting datum: many, … Continued

Sex and the engaged Catholic

“Most of the Catholics asking to be married in the Church today already have been living together.” Such is the … Continued

The real policy is “Don’t Talk About It”

Despite public and military support for overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the legislation which bans openly gay service members, political, … Continued

Malaysia’s cool imam

By Katherine Marshall When South Africa was emerging from the dark shadows of the apartheid era, Malaysia was one place … Continued

My Catholic crisis of faith

By Michele Langevine Leibywriter I will always remember it as one of the most glorious days of my life, even … Continued

The Culture War of Words

Advice to would-be culture warriors in the 21st century: walk softly and carry a big thesaurus. According to the conventional … Continued

Catholic College Students Behaving Badly

The results of a new national survey of students at Catholic colleges and universities are dismal–that is, if one expects … Continued