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Immigration advocate Jenny Yang overcomes reluctance to speak up

CHICAGO — On a recent Sunday morning, Jenny Yang stood beside a giant wooden cross and made a case for … Continued

Rhode Island makes room for LGBT rights. Will Christianity?

(Photo/Charles Krupa) (Associated Press) Two men embrace after a gay marriage bill was signed into law outside the State House … Continued

Abortion Reduction Bill Draws Religious Friends & Foes

By Wililam Wan The new bill that’s supposed to build common ground between those for and against abortion rights hasn’t … Continued

Top Faith & Values Stories of 2008 (vol. 2)

Picking up where we left off yesterday, here are the most important Faith and Values stories of 2008: 5. The … Continued

Rick Warren, Interfaith Activist

Rick Warren is our new Billy Graham – at the center of not only his own Christian tradition, but of … Continued

Obama, For the Love of God, Get Nasty!

Yesterday, I implored Barack Obama to re-energize Progressive Evangelicals. He needs to convince them afresh that a Christian’s political portfolio … Continued

How McCain Far-Righted the Ship

Now that Wasilla Bible Church member Sarah Palin has joined the McCain ticket, Barack Obama suddenly has an “Evangelical Concern” … Continued

Hispanic Evangelicals See Major Flaw in Each Candidate

As members of the fast-growing brown evangelical community, we find ourselves between the proverbial rock and the hard place. Surely, … Continued

Meanwhile, Back at McCain Headquarters . . .

Barack Obama, that spry Prometheus of the Religious Politicking Heavens, graciously offers observers of Faith and Values outreach something to … Continued

Evangelicals: Crisis or Flux?

Throughout the current campaign many pundits, myself included, have been riffing on variations of a theme entitled “what’s wrong with … Continued

Are Evangelicals Obama-Curious?

Over the past month we have witnessed the emergence of a veritable sub-genre of political reportage: the don’t-count-Hillary-out-just-yet story. With … Continued

Faith in the Public Arena

Barack Obama’s speech in June of 2006 was the keynote address of a conference sponsored by Sojourners and Call to … Continued

Tired of Faith and Values Campaigning?

Is it just my imagination or are Faith and Values issues less central to the current campaign than many of … Continued

Embracing Evangelicals

Many of my secular liberal friends think Evangelicals are a little like snakes: Not all of them are poisonous, but … Continued