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A Muslim guide to love

The legendary Sufi Muslim poet Rumi once said that, “Love rests on no foundation…It is an endless ocean…With no beginning … Continued

How does a ‘Jubilee’ roll? Jesus explains.

AP Occupy DC demonstrators protest as they try to block the guest entrance to the Alfalfa Dinner at the Capitol … Continued

The 2013 budget: A looming drama of biblical proportions

JOSHUA ROBERTS REUTERS Boxes containing copies of the 2013 Federal Budget are displayed at the Government Printing Office in Washington … Continued

No religious basis for 9/11

The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque planned for construction near Ground … Continued

An anti-Qaeda fatwa

By Shahid Mursaleen and Zahid IqbalMinhaj-ul-Quran UK The new fatwa from the renowned authority of Islamic world, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad … Continued

A lesson in moral courage and urgency

By Steny HoyerU.S. House Majority Leader Just as the civil rights movement held an ideal vision of the possibilities of … Continued

Muslims in America: A celebration

By Abed Z. Bhuyanteacher “Talent, like love, is only useful in its expenditure.” This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King … Continued

Religion’s magnificent seven

By Jacqueline LeoDirector at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation How many of the Ten Commandments can the average person name? … Continued

Muslim Women Reclaiming Their Rights

Like the status of women in all the World’s religions, in Islam and Muslim societies patriarchy played and in many … Continued

Jon Stewart, Daily Prophet?

By David Waters In the July issue of Sojourners magazine, the Rev. Jim Wallis calls the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart … Continued

Domestic Violence and Islam in America

“The best among you is the one who is the best towards his wife” — Prophet Muhammad If yesterday was … Continued

Obama, Warren and America

Here is what’s bothering me about Pastor Rick Warren doing the invocation for President-elect Obama’s inauguration. It reeks of hypocrisy. … Continued

Obama’s pastor would have kept our troops out of Iraq

To the current “On Faith” question – “Should Barack Obama have resigned from his church?” – my answer is NO. … Continued

When I was a sixteen year old Southern Baptist with my sights set on the White House (I grew up … Continued

Institutional Racism a Community Concern

The concept of community within the prophetic black church tradition is rooted in its African DNA and expressed in its … Continued

Mixed Reactions: One Jewish Perspective

The integration of religion fully into our lives, including the need to use it to address the great moral issues … Continued

Jesus: Is He Electable?

I think that Jesus, if nominated, would not run. Jesus’ function as a prophet transcends political partisanship. I am utterly … Continued

My Hijab is for Me and for God


Legitimate and Illegitimate Acts of Violence

Why is Islam such a violent religion? Does the Qur’an condone acts of terrorism? Why haven’t Muslims denounced the 9/11 … Continued

Jesus Broke Barriers; Pope Builds Them

It is difficult for anyone to say with certainty what Jesus was. The portrait painted of him in the gospels … Continued