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Christianity Cannot Survive the Decline in Worship

Church leaders who are serious about saving the faith need to be serious about worship.

4 Ways Millennials Are Embracing Traditional Faith

Actually, Millennials do desire religious orthodoxy. Here’s how.

Do White Christians Care Enough About Racial Justice to Make it an American Reality?

Successful movements for women’s ordination and gay ministers have swept through Protestant churches, but the movement toward racial reconciliation is mixed, at best.

Mysterious Tremors

People like me who have mystical experiences may be encountering some unknown Other. What can we learn about what that Other is?

Why Catholics See the Bible Differently than Protestants

The story behind the Catholic approach to Scripture.

A Protestant in praise of the Catholic Church

Like millions of others, I am gratefully stunned by his revolutionary remarks on the Catholic Church’s “obsession” with long-held doctrines on gay people and abortion.

Obama, Beck: Who is Christian? Who decides?

The answer may lie in how “Christian” is defined and whether the Mormon church, to which Beck belongs, considers Protestants to be Christians.

Are Non-Believing Clergy a Silent Majority?

Part one of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”