Public Morality

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Fear of flying: Cancer v. flight delays

(Elaine Thompson/AP) Imagine you are taking a Christian ethics class, and as your professor I give you this multiple-choice question … Continued

Romney appeals to evangelicals through ‘Judeo-Christian’ values

Mitt Romney angered evangelicals during his first White House run in 2008 by blurring the theological lines between their faith … Continued

Karen Klein morality play: Forgiveness for the bus bullies?

AP AP Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein speaks during an interview, Thursday, June 21, 2012, in Greece, N.Y. First we … Continued

Beck sets religious tone for ‘Restoring Honor’ rally

By Elizabeth Tenety Glenn Beck kicked off his ‘Restoring Honor’ weekend Friday night with an event at the Kennedy Center … Continued

“Bad” popes and bishops

What do Alexander VI, the Renaissance Borgia pope, and today’s Benedict XVI have in common? No, it’s not a sex … Continued

Marriage and discrimination

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler This week, Keith Bardwell quit his post as Justice of the Peace for the … Continued

The Amorality of the Free Market

Greed is a moral bad but a functional good. Greedy entrepreneurs have benefited the world with more than a few … Continued

Our Obession and Outrage

So we have now gone through another more high-profile sex scandal with its obligatory mix of power (did you know … Continued

Let’s Get Real

So we have now gone through another more high profile sex scandal with its obligatory mix of power (did you … Continued

Character and Leadership

The Question: What does the Eliot Spitzer scandal say about our public and private morality? Should he have resigned? Americans … Continued

Romney’s Bit Will Bite Back

Romney deserves credit for understanding the superficiality of the public and targeting that majority in his speech. As political theater, … Continued

Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster

“Is sex outside of marriage a sin? Is it a public matter? Is it forgivable?” No, of course sex outside … Continued