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Christian left sees optimism in Obama’s second term

NEW YORK — Heartened by his inaugural calls for gay marriage and for bold action on climate change, leaders of … Continued

Time to retire the damnable word “moderate”

Overuse of the essentially meaningless word “moderate” has become a blight on American political and religious discourse. I call this … Continued

Die with dignity or anguish: The choice is yours

I am conflicted about the health care bills making the rounds in Congress today. The mandate for reform is writ … Continued

Michael Moore and Capitalist Immorality

Seven police cars pull up to a home. The white, middle-class family cowers inside is about to be evicted. The … Continued

Rage, Racism And American Unreason

We have entered what columnist Kathleen Parker calls “a political era of uninhibited belligerence,” that is finding expression in sermons, … Continued

Obama Turns to Religious Community on Health-Care Reform

By Jacqueline L. Salmon It was a spirit-filled 40 minutes with President Obama and the religious faithful today as the … Continued

Perkins Still Opposes Obama Plan, but Concedes Health Care System Woes

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Words you never thought you’d hear from Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Christian group, Family … Continued

Free Market Cannot Heal Us

By Valerie Elverton Dixonfounder In recent town hall meetings, citizens have asked their Congress members if illegal immigrants will … Continued

God is Not in the Details

Health-care reform is an economic, political and medical issue. But On Faith panelist and evangelical leader Jim Wallis says it’s … Continued

Catholic Bishops Weigh In on Health-Care Reform

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which has been relatively silent publicly on health-care reform … Continued

Truth in Health-Care Packaging

The health care reform legislation that is emerging from the sausage-making of the Congress is not about abortion. In these … Continued

Abortion Could Emerge as Key to Health Care Battle

Jacqueline L. Salmon Although still under the radar, abortion could emerge as one of the central battlegrounds in the fight … Continued

“Heal the Sick”: Why Public Health Care is a Christian Duty

By Aana Marie VigenProfessor of Christian Social Ethics, Loyola University Chicago Does expanding public health care equal “socialism?” Some say … Continued

Health-Reform Entanglements in Boston

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Interesting developments in the Beantown Catholic scene that point out the potential complications of national health … Continued