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New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin dubbed the ‘Taiwanese Tebow’

New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin’s underdog story and outspoken evangelical faith have some sportswriters dubbing him the “Taiwanese Tebow.” … Continued

Olympic boosterism and American cultural narcissism

If you would like a graphic (literal and figurative) demonstration of our nation’s greatest failing, sit in front of your … Continued


I have two things to say about these latest political confessions of extra-martial sin — one from South Carolina Gov. … Continued

How About the Church of Hope?

Since Barack Obama ran to bring hope in a time of change, I’d like to see him extend that to … Continued

Politicians and the Cycle of Lying

Half-truths are the bread and butter of politics. This must be so where compromise is the only way to move … Continued

The Disillusioned Generation

As a child of the inflated innocence of the Fifties I was raised to believe in the George Washington “I … Continued

Sex in Glass Bedrooms

The Question: What does the Eliot Spitzer scandal say about our public and private morality? Should he have resigned? In … Continued

The Authenticity Test

Over the past three years, Sen. John Kerry has had a lot of time to think about his God, and … Continued

The Muslim World’s Embattled Secularists

Who will defend the Muslim who doubts his faith? Who speaks for the man or the woman who might believe … Continued

Democrats of Past an Open Book

If you read out of this or into this a partisan endorsement or non-endorsement, I am not making myself clear. … Continued

Recipe for Politicians: Sincerity Yes, Advocacy No

Article VI of the Constitution of the United States is one of those core elements that makes you sit back … Continued