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William Gray, a man on a mission

William Gray III was a preacher, pastor, teacher, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, chief executive officer, fund raiser, … Continued

The right to blaspheme: For no god and country

(Streeter Lecka — GETTY IMAGES) I could not have had a more patriotic beginning. I was born on Flag Day … Continued

FDR Labor Secretary Frances Perkins wins’Lent Madness’ tournament

WASHINGTON — The NCAA’s March Madness is down to the Sweet Sixteen, but Lent Madness has already skipped through the … Continued

The beef over beef: A student protest devolves in India

NOAH SEELAM AFP/GETTY IMAGES A Hindu devotee makes an offering of food to a sacred cow on the eve of … Continued

U.S. bishops should focus on economy

Ted S. Warren From left, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, of Louisville, KY, vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic … Continued

Family planning is preventive healthcare for women

It’s hard to understand why Sister Mary Ann Walsh was not able to find a ready answer to her question … Continued

Boehner, Pelosi and the split in Catholic America

By Elizabeth Tenety Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (L) hands the speaker’s gavel to incoming House Speaker John Boehner … Continued

A womanist culture of life

Q: Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and … Continued

Public policy should be grounded in the Constitution, not scripture

Q: U.S. Catholic bishops are defending their direct involvement in congressional deliberations over health-care reform, saying that church leaders have … Continued

One Step Closer to Sound Science

I was honored to be a guest at the White House on Monday when President Obama signed an executive order … Continued

Inaugural Prayers: As American (And Extra-Constitutional) As Cherry Pie

I have very little to say in response to this question, since an invocation and swearing on the Bible at … Continued

Poor at Center of Evangelical Debate On Global Warming

Editor’s Note: Quotes about climate change are incorrectly attributed to the National Evangelical Association’s 2004 “Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility.” … Continued

What Do You Do for Jesus?

I would ask both candidates for specific instances when their faith has shaped their public policies. For too long, we … Continued

Ceasefire Across the Religious/Secular Divide?

The acrimony between religious and secular folks about the proper role of religion in a democracy has sometimes been fierce, … Continued

“Isms”: Reflections on Allergies

The Question: Which “ism” is more entrenched in America, sexism or racism? Which should religion address? Emmanuel Levinas argues that … Continued

Base Public Policy on Shared Values, Not Religion

When Senator Obama delivered that speech in 2006, I said on State of Belief, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s radio program, … Continued

The White House and My House of Worship

What does the White House have to do with the church, synagogue, temple, or mosque? Mitt Romney, is wrestling with … Continued

Neither Minister nor Saint

My faith motivates me to be interested in politics. The Hebrew prophets and Jesus eloquently express God’s concern for the … Continued