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Understanding Peaceful Islam: A Muslim Response to Herb Silverman

It’s a mistake to impugn Islam based on moral or intellectual failings of intolerant and dangerous Muslims.

Dear Boko Haram: You’re Spitting in the Face of Muhammad

A letter of warning from an American Muslim to violent Islamists.

Seeking Greater Equality, Indian Women Turn to Unexpected Source

After witnessing gender-based victimization, Khatoon Shaikh founded an all-female Shariah court.

Get the (Eternal) Hell Out of Islam

Seven reasons why Islam rejects the idea of eternal hell.

Here’s a Novel Idea: You Should Learn about Islam from Actual Muslims

The latest diatribe by a prominent critic of Islam doesn’t evince any knowledge of Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad’s Letters — and Followers — of Peace

Discovering the places where Christians and Muslims live as neighbors — from ancient times until today.

Resisting Blasphemies

Christians should denounce the burning of the Qur’an because it blasphemes the name of Jesus.

Is an arranged marriage the answer to my prayers?

My journey to love may be unconventional for a modern Western woman, but it still includes the universal themes that pervade all of our searches for love: humour, heartbreak, and humanity.

Religious Pluralism in Today’s Muslim World

For some, the core of religious pluralism discourse lies in the definition of the “People of the Book,” a term used in the Qur’an.

The Truth of Satan’s Sin

The Qur’an talks about how Satan works — whispering in our hearts so that these sins seem fair, or even essential, to us.