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Bin Laden & Beyond

How might we appropriately address the death of a mass murderer? The Torah describes Moses and Miriam leading the ancient … Continued

Beyond this election: tears to wter the wellsprings of new life

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

All traditions teach against violence

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann said that anti-Muslim rhetoric in America is bad news … Continued

Mosques in America: Rabbi Hillel, George Washington, & my grandma

When I look for teachings to guide Jewish thought and action toward the plans for a cultural center in Lower … Continued

From Eden to the Gulf: Abundance, greed and disaster

Just as the oil blowout in the Gulf grew from Big Oil’s unwillingness to restrain itself from gobbling up even … Continued

Put U.S. aid in escrow till Israel brings settlers home, ends blockade of civilian goods to Gaza

Thomas Friedman, columnist for the NY Times, recently wrote that the Israeli government has become a drunk driver, addicted to … Continued

Avatar’s ecological and political faith

I urge that multi-religious groups together see and discuss the new film Avatar this month; learn with me by teleconference … Continued

The Emerging Torah of Same-Sex Sexuality

From a Jewish standpoint, the question would have to be whether a gay man or woman, involved in a sexual … Continued

Freedom Seder for Earth, Against Pharaohs

The Shalom Center is creating a 40th Anniversary New Interfaith Freedom Seder for the Earth to help us free ourselves … Continued


Relearning Heschel, Rebirthing King, Re-Inaugurating America In mid-January, several sacred American times will flow together in a way that invites … Continued

A Better Choice for Evangelical Outreach

When it comes to religion, Barack Obama is deaf in one ear. There was considerable accuracy to the pre-election criticism … Continued

Same-Sex Marriage: The Emerging Torah

The Biblical prohibition of same-sex sexual relationships is rooted in three basic rules the Hebrew Bible prescribes for proper sexual … Continued

Act Now to Heal Religious Hatred, End “Religious” Terrorism

A new presidential policy on religiously defined terrorism should act in three directions: (1) Work to strengthen those in every … Continued

Revitalizing Jewish Activism: Nov 23, Jews Uniting to End the War & Heal America

On Sunday, November 23, The Shalom Center and the Workmen’s Circle will hold an action gathering in New York City: … Continued

America, Re-Emerging Democracy

Next week’s election has me thinking about democracy both at home and abroad. How, I wonder, can the U.S. promote … Continued

Let’s Try Biblical Economics

If you listen to the hard-headed people who presumably keep us prosperous, Biblical and Quranic economics are, of course, quaint … Continued

Madrid: Meeting with Muslims and Many Others

The Madrid Global Interfaith Dialogue: A Report by Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis Berman * MADRID, SPAIN (Saturday night, … Continued

Peace and Ethics in the Mideast

Dear friends, I am writing this out of personal experience and my own individual ethical concern, not on behalf of … Continued

The Sun Also Rises and Blesses: April 8, 2009

Early in the morning of April 8, 2009, Jewish communities will have a teaching opportunity that comes only once every … Continued

Be Comforted This Election Year

After mourning the disastrous destructions of two ancient Temples in Jerusalem, Jewish tradition calls us to recite the words of … Continued