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All Is Not Well: A Time for Prophetic Grief

Influential faith leaders mourn following the decision not to indict the officer who killed Tamir Rice.

Betrayed as a Marine and a Muslim

I’m a Muslim and a U.S. Marine. It’s unacceptable that four of my brothers were killed in Chattanooga.

The Problem of the Color Line

A Civil Rights leader’s call to action for black America’s talented tenth.

Four Ways to Be Missional Every Day

What are we calling people to that requires them to be spiritually fit?

How You Can Stand with Baltimore

Three thoughts to acknowledge and three actions to take for those watching the events in Baltimore.

Baltimore Is Burning: 8 Faith Voices You Should Hear

Faith leaders reflect on what we can do and how we can learn from the situation in Baltimore.

How Faith Leaders Are Tweeting #BaltimoreRiots

10 representative Tweets on the Baltimore riots from nationwide Christian leaders.

I Care What Jesus Looks Like

What does it say about me that I want a Jesus who looks just like me?

Are Followers of Jesus the Kind of People Who Put Someone to Death?

A criminal defense attorney’s thoughts about capital punishment this Easter season.

5 Ways to Move from a Charity Mindset toward Justice Work

A pattern of charity belief and behavior fuels the self-segregation of our society by race and class.

Is All Life Really Sacred?

Did Kelly Gissendaner’s transformation story capture our attention because she is a white woman?

Virgin Mary’s Message: Rich and Powerful People Better Beware

How torture and grand juries are teaching a Protestant to pray to Mary.

Choose to Hear the Unheard Voices Crying Out

By turning off our minds and sticking to what we know, we’re telling the oppressed they don’t matter.

Why White Mothers and Black Mothers Worry Differently

The concerns white mothers and black mothers face are not the same.

Sometimes Black Sons Have White Mothers

Five things I wish people understood about white parents of black children.

Five Race Issues Everyone Needs to Acknowledge

How ignoring some basic facts exacerbates our country’s race problem.

Five Reasons I Might Join the Ku Klux Klan

A Ku Klux Klan chapter is now accepting Jews, so I’m considering my options.

The Bully Pulpit

What my pit bull taught me about privilege and prejudice.

The Need for Repentance in Ferguson

“What’s very clear is that black lives are worthless in America”: a Q&A with Rev. Jim Wallis.

Are Black Atheists Being Overlooked?

Atheists of color will hold a first-of-its-kind conference to address issues specific to nonwhite atheists.