Racial Equality

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Welcome to Women’s History Month, Justice Scalia

March is Women’s History Month, and this year’s celebration of the historic and contemporary contributions of women in this country … Continued

Mormon missionary age change may promote equality between women, men

AP Jeffrey R. Holland gives a news conference at the church office building about the change in missionary age during … Continued

Blacks say atheists were unseen civil rights heroes

Think of the civil rights movement and chances are the image that comes to mind is of the Rev. Martin … Continued

MLK’s impact on conservative Christians

AP Martin Luther King speaks in Atlanta in 1960. (AP Photo) With the unveiling of the new Martin Luther King, … Continued

DADT: the churches ahead of the politicians

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once famously wrote that American churches too often stood as society’s “tail light,” … Continued

Extra! Extra! Elena Kagan liked Thurgood Marshall

I really would like to know what Elena Kagan thinks about the separation of church and state, executive power, free … Continued

Christians losing their way

By Richard Stearns and Lamar VestAmerican Bible Society/World Vision Rick Warren, perhaps the nation’s best-known pastor, was stunned. “I went … Continued

God Still Speaking to UCC

By Geoffrey A. BlackGeneral Minister and President-elect United Church of Christ As I begin my term of service as General … Continued

How to Be White

What can we expect will result from the “beer summit” hosted by President Obama with his invited guests, Professor Gates … Continued

Obama Reversing Christian Right’s Damage to Islam

Much has been written about Muslim responses to Obama’s Cairo speech and how it has resonated across the Muslim world. … Continued

Obama’s Speech Brilliant and Troubling

President Obama’s long-awaited speech to “the Muslim world” contained any number of things which troubled me. They trouble me as … Continued

Catholics and Racism

I don’t know if I agree with the “coward” part of his statement, but Attorney General Eric Holder’s concern for … Continued

Lessons From the Land of Lincoln and Obama

Today’s blog is by Eboo Patel and Samantha Kirby. Yesterday, we commemorated the bicentennial anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth – … Continued

A Christian Progressive Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin

In my own work as a Christian progressive, I have found evolutionary biology, and especially the Human Genome Project, a … Continued

Obama: A Spiritual Symbol

Reading through this week’s On Faith entries, I was amazed to note the exultant tone of many panelists. The fighter … Continued

A Nation Born Again in Grant Park

Bunker Hill, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Grant Parkl; these venues speak of an American idea willing to meet the present challenges … Continued

Unclogging the System

My preference would be for questions that clear the air of accumulated hypocrisy that has clogged the political system for … Continued

Jeremiah Wright: Black Preaching in Context

The Question: Jeremiah Wright’s sermons continue to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Why? What do you think of … Continued

My Memories of the Day, the Man

In responding to the question about my memories on the day Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee, … Continued

New Baptists are Politicians, Too

I confess to being a bit confused by the goals of last week’s widely discussed New Baptist Covenant Celebration. You … Continued