Racial Prejudice

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Lego says its Jabba the Hutt set isn’t anti-Muslim

Lego is defending its “Star Wars”-based Jabba the Hutt toy set after a Turkish cultural group said it promulgates negative … Continued

Welcome to Women’s History Month, Justice Scalia

March is Women’s History Month, and this year’s celebration of the historic and contemporary contributions of women in this country … Continued

The Episocpal Church’s gay rights pilgrimage

View Photo Gallery: From same sex marriages to prohibitions on homosexual behavior, Christian churches range in their outreach to gay members. … Continued

Crossing the cultural divide between Arabs and Jews

I grew up in a home with socialist values. We were a secular family with a strong Jewish cultural upbringing. … Continued

Are GOP candidates playing the race card?

David Goldman AP Kenneth Dansby, center, of Greenville, S.C., confronts Republican presidential candidate former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, right, at … Continued

Not OK to slander religion or race

Q: Atheists are others are protesting a new law in Ireland, under which a person can be found guilty of … Continued

It’s not “Incivility,” It’s Racial Prejudice

We have entered what columnist Kathleen Parker calls “a political era of uninhibited belligerence,” that is finding expression in sermons, … Continued

Harry Potter: Wizards and Racism

The midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was packed–with the twenty-somethings who have grown up on the … Continued

Consciences in Conflict

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. Most Americans believe that they should follow their consciences as the ultimate … Continued

Obama: A Spiritual Symbol

Reading through this week’s On Faith entries, I was amazed to note the exultant tone of many panelists. The fighter … Continued

America, Re-Emerging Democracy

Next week’s election has me thinking about democracy both at home and abroad. How, I wonder, can the U.S. promote … Continued

Anti-Obama Smears About Religion or Race?

I saw someone in Atlanta wearing a shirt with a picture of King and a picture of Barack – “The … Continued

Conservative Hypocrisy

In many ways we Americans are hypocritical about our morals and values, but for obvious reasons conservatives seem more hypocritical … Continued

Prejudice, Faith Directly Connected

Racial prejudice reflects on one’s religious beliefs in one key way- that one is not listening to the word of … Continued

Religion Begets Prejudice

Far from my religion tempering my prejudices, racial prejudice was actually instilled in me by my evangelical Christian church. I … Continued

Aspiring to Better Behavior

Whether it’s Christian-Muslim conflict in Bosnia or the sight of burning crosses lighting the night skies of the American South … Continued

Colluding in Scapegoating the “Other”

What accounts for the discrepancy between 30% of the American public confessing to racial prejudice while 90% claim they believe … Continued

Religious Beliefs Reflect On Racial Prejudice

“Three in 10 Americans acknowledge feelings of racial prejudice, and yet 9 in 10 say they believe in God. How … Continued

Prejudice, God and the 2008 Elections

The fact that God fearing people who carry the genome of the Divine embedded in their soul can similarly exhibit … Continued

Religion and Racial Prejudice: Old But Guilty Partners

When Americans profess religious faith AND are racially prejudiced, they are acting in traditions much older than America itself. Through … Continued