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2015 in Christianity: A Year in Review

A look at the notable things that happened this year and what Christians had a lot to say about it all.

The Things We Need to Talk About

The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it reminds us of what’s past in order to reveal to us what’s possible.

Stories of the Oppressed

May we not cast a shadow of turning — then a wounded world will experience the love of Christ.

Was Our Marching In Vain?

As a Mizzou professor and former student, I feel guilt related to things my cohorts should’ve fixed.

7 Stages of White Identity

How I evolved from being ignorant of my white identity to using it to extend the kingdom of God.

Privilege Is Not What You Think

Privilege is not what you think, but the opposite: it’s what you don’t have to think about.

White Christians, It’s Time We Repent for Our Racism

We can’t focus so much on the racism out there, as if we remain innocent.

The Doors of the Church Are Open

America’s top faith leaders share prayers, heartbreak, and humanity following the Charleston murders.

4 Biblical Truths That Respond to Hatred

We desperately need public compassion in the wake of senseless tragedy.

Death Sucks (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The real reason death sucks? It ruins God’s original intent.

Despite Everything, We Must Risk Delight

The battle between good and evil plays itself out among human beings here on earth.

Why Racism Is America’s True Original Sin

The truth is restorative justice will require that our nation repay its outstanding debt to its black citizens.

Why White Mothers and Black Mothers Worry Differently

The concerns white mothers and black mothers face are not the same.

What Can We Do About Our Racism Problem?

A lot of people are angry and want to do . . . something. I have a few suggestions.

Five Race Issues Everyone Needs to Acknowledge

How ignoring some basic facts exacerbates our country’s race problem.

How to Reconcile the Divided States of America

Why a united church is the most powerful way to confront the zombie of Jim Crow.

How a Pastor in Suburban Baltimore Diversified His African-American Church

When Jimmy Rollins pushed for ethnic and culture changes at his church, many members left. Then the church blossomed like never before.

Three Ways Your Church Can Embrace the Lessons of Ferguson

As Ferguson leaves the national limelight, here are three ways you can make sure your community does not miss its most crucial lessons.

International Basketball’s Institutionalized Racism

FIBA’s decision to engage in “further analysis” of turbans and hijabs is inherently a values choice.