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Action or Inaction: What Will Your Legacy Be?

My great grandfather left his home to help refugees get back to theirs. How will you be remembered?

Immigrants Will Be the Face of the Pope’s New York Visit

Catholics hope Pope Francis’ visit will elicit public compassion for society’s marginalized.

Jesus Was a Refugee

Four biblical, Christ-like ways to respond to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

What Headlines Don’t Tell You About the Middle East

Middle Eastern cultures have shown how incredibly welcoming and hospitable they can be.

10 Things to Know About a Movement to Stop Deportations

More than 100 congregations have joined the Sanctuary Movement to protect the wrongfully oppressed.

The Solution to the Central American Refugee Problem Is a Thriving Central America

If we’re serious about the refugee crisis, we must deal with the source of the problem before someone reaches our borders.

Faith Communities Are on the Front Line of Refugee Aid

The Abrahamic faiths share a command to welcome and care for the 45 million refugees around the world.

Pope Francis and the Vatican’s Burdened Past

Moral deflection shapes the ground across which Pope Francis strode during his Middle East pilgrimage.