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The Lost Mission of Staying Put

Here’s how to be missional: move “into the neighborhood,” stay there, and care for the people.

There Must Be More to Jesus

The problem with treating a relationship with Jesus as a means to an end and not an end itself.

7 Reasons It’s Hard to Be Single in the Church

Churches should reconsider the (painful) messages they (unintentionally) send singles.

The 5 Most Uncomfortable Things New Christians Experience

Your life as a new convert will be all grace, love . . . and awkward situations?

Ten Reasons the Ten Commandments Are Still Relevant

Can these centuries-old guidelines still speak to our technologically driven lives?

5 Reasons Women Need Deeper Friendships

We have to stop substituting the joy of real friendship with cheap imitations.

(Don’t) Come As You Are

We must stop telling LGBT youth they’re inherently unworthy of intimate relationship.

The Bible Is Not a Book

Five reasons to claim the experiential, creative, communal nature of Christian scripture.

Christian Women, Don’t Do This on a First Date

Stop looking for your future husband and look for a date instead.

Ask Laura: Is it wrong to hire a housecleaner?

Does using a housecleaner make me a bad feminist?

Ask Laura: Help! I Might Become a Mormon!

A potential convert faces telling her family about the decision.

Ask Laura: Do I tell my employer I’m pregnant?

This week, Laura advises a pregnant woman in pursuit of a job and a religion writer in search of money.

Ask Laura: Crazy neighbors and dating regrets

This week, Laura tackles what to do about annoying — and persistent — neighbors, and offers some dating advice.

Ask Laura: Follow my passion where, exactly?

The 9-5 life can be a grind. But do you know what else can be a grind? Everything.

5 Ways Christian Relationships Look Different

Much of what culture teaches us about relationships is pretty off base from a Christian perspective.

Ask Laura: Regret Hangovers and Selfish Church Attendance
Love and War and Peace

Supporting the troops takes on a whole new world of meaning and responsibility when you actually know the troops. It certainly is different when you love one.

Welcome to the Navy, Ma’am

Somehow ‘they’ deserve less peace than us. As a follower of Christ, can I accept that?