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What I Learned at the Parliament of the World’s Religions

After a weekend with more than 10,000 people of faith, I returned home with three key takeaways.

7 Reasons We Should Teach More Religion in Public Schools

Instruction about world religions needs to start earlier and go deeper.

How Do Millennial New Yorkers Think About God?

I talked to hundreds of people in the Big Apple about God. Here’s what they said.

The Good News According to Pew

Of course the Church is dying — and of course the Church will be just fine.

The Problem with Calling Terrorism “Religious”

We need better explanations for the horrors in the world today.

Ask Laura: Help! I Might Become a Mormon!

A potential convert faces telling her family about the decision.

Ask Laura: Do I tell my employer I’m pregnant?

This week, Laura advises a pregnant woman in pursuit of a job and a religion writer in search of money.

Ask Laura: Crazy neighbors and dating regrets

This week, Laura tackles what to do about annoying — and persistent — neighbors, and offers some dating advice.

Five Things All Atheists Should Know About Religion

If you want to critique organized religion, it helps to know what you’re talking about.

Ask Laura: Regret Hangovers and Selfish Church Attendance
OnFaith Finds for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What we’re reading and recommending today.

The Religions that Survived 14 Centuries of Islamic Rule

When Islam was at its strongest, it was also at its most open-minded.

Your iPhone Might Be Making You Less Religious

New studies show the first commandment may need to be revised: “Thou shalt have no other brands before me.”

How Christopher Columbus Created a New (Cosmic) Race

Why Latin Americans celebrate Columbus Day as the birthday of a new breed within the human family.

The Quasi-Religious Roots of Weezer 

Notes on the spiritual and religious background of one of the biggest acts in American rock.

Poll: More Americans Want More Religion in Public Life

A new Pew Research Center survey shows more Americans worrying about the decline of religious influence in policy and politics.

A Spirituality for Atheists

Can atheist Sam Harris convince nonbelievers they need to adopt a spirituality divorced from religion?

The Gospel According to Labor Day

Union leaders have forgotten the religious roots of organized labor in this country.

10 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Religion

I love teaching students about religion. But we’d go deeper and further every semester if everyone understood these 10 basic ideas.

5 Numbers You Need to Know This Week

Revealing statistics related to today’s trending stories.