Religious Extremism

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Islamic Extremists Impose Reign of Terror on Iraq

Christians and other minorities were given an ultimatum: Convert to Islam or face execution.

NALT alliance says Not All (Christians are) Like That on homosexuality

NEW YORK — A new website aims to become a gathering place for Christians who are “Not All Like That” … Continued

Al-Jazeera America Faces Steep Climb Among U.S. Viewers

Al-Jazeera comes to America.

What Tony Blair meant about Islam

(Photo credit: Patrick McMullan) Globalization will be the greatest force for good in the 21st century, but it will also … Continued

Honor U.S. values and interests: Back religious freedom abroad

Fifteen years ago, on May 14, 1998, U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a landmark effort to promote … Continued

Report: Many in Boston bombing suspect homeland worry about Muslim extremism

QUOTE OF THE DAY | “[The report] finds high levels of concern about religious extremism among Muslims in the North … Continued

How to respond to a marathon massacre

“How do you defend against terrorists?” asked a colleague, as we processed news reports of two bomb explosions near the … Continued

No man (or nation) is an island

NEW YORK — Manhattan was a traffic nightmare as the United Nations General Assembly was in session and security precautions … Continued

Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded world: What the blasphemy law debate can mask

REUTERS Clouds are reflected off the Secretariat Building of the U.N .headquarters during the 67th United Nations General Assembly, in … Continued

Extremism among the Amish

AP Members of a breakaway Amish group in Ohio are on trial for beard- and hair-cutting attacks on fellow Amish … Continued

LGBT groups stand in solidarity with the Family Research Council

GETTY IMAGES Local and federal investigators work to gather evidence after a security guard was shot in the arm at … Continued

Ain’t no mountain high enough

On Sunday morning our gospel choir sang an extraordinary song by Kurt Carr called “For Every Mountain.” When I watched … Continued

In defense of religious freedom

The highest echelons of the U.S. military need to learn a valuable lesson, literally, from a guy in charge of … Continued

We can do better _ and we are

In those thrilling days when coffee was migrating from diner joe to urban cool, I visited my brother in Seattle, … Continued

Study offers view of religious life behind prison walls

WASHINGTON — Behind high prison walls and rolls of barbed wire, Muslim and pagan inmates are most likely to have … Continued

The new Anglicanism

“What do think will happen” a longtime Episcopalian asked me in Charlotte, N.C., “now that Archbishop … er … “ … Continued

French Mormons find a less hospitable ‘Mormon moment’

CHESNAY, FRANCE — Past clusters of houses and frozen fields in this Paris suburb, the Palace of Versailles sparkles in … Continued

Religious intolerance is rampant in today’s Army, Air Force and Navy

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama famously said,  “You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. You can … Continued

Muslim without sharia?

On Tuesday, January 17th, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich said that the only way he would ever support … Continued

2012: The year when extremism self-destructs?

Chip Somodevilla GETTY IMAGES Doerle Rowley (C) of Bettendorf, Iowa, and hundreds of fellow supporters wait for the arrival of … Continued