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Is God Still Welcome at the Thanksgiving Table?

Few today realize the founding principles behind this national holiday were based in Christianity.

Muslims say they deserve school time off for holidays, too

RNS () — Hannah Shraim, a 14-year old sophomore at Northwest High School in Germantown, Md., will miss school on … Continued

Religious diversity is increasing at the office, and so are pitfalls

RNS () — The American workplace, like the rest of U.S. society, is becoming more religiously diverse and that is … Continued

Fox apologizes for comments on Wiccans at University of Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson has apologized for comments he made about Wiccans, saying he “should have … Continued

Pulling off a Christmas miracle

We had to cancel our ladies Christmas support group lunch this year. Nobody had time. In the old days we … Continued

Sept. 11, 2001: Eleven years later, American Muslims are victims

AP Flags set on display by students at Norwich University in Northfield Vt. are seen on the upper parade ground … Continued

Ramadan, a sacred time for reflection, sacrifice to Muslims and appreciation as non-Muslims

Mohammed Ballas AP As the sun rises a Palestinian Muslim man reads from the Quran during ‘fajr’, or early morning … Continued

On campus, a move to end religious holidays

Every year it’s the same story: Another person, group, or institution attacks the observance of religious holidays in the name … Continued

Keep Santa, Easter Bunny in their place?

For nearly 50 years in Saugus, Mass., a firefighter has donned a Santa suit with green mittens and delivered coloring … Continued

A very atheist Christmas

When people find out I’m an atheist, the question often comes up about what I do during the Christmas holidays. … Continued

Seeking Sikh-Muslim peace

The large Sikh men with long white beards pounded the drums. Sikh men with red, blue, and orange colored turbans … Continued

During Rosh Hashanah, some Israel talk with your apples and honey?

Some people don’t like to mix politics with religious holidays. President Obama is apparently looking at the calendar and hoping … Continued

Dispatches from the Christmas front: Republicans see sacrilege in working over holidays

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested that Congress might have to return to Washington to complete its work during … Continued

There isn’t a war on Christmas in North America

By Tim Muldoon This article is part of a series for the Patheos Holiday Monitor, which tracks the War on … Continued

GWU’s women’s-only pool hours opens debate about accomodations for Islam

By Michelle Boorstein An interesting discussion is brewing around George Washington University’s decision earlier this month to set aside one … Continued

The other Islam controversy in NYC

Muslim students in New York City are already permitted to stay home on their religious holidays without penalty, but the current campaign is to give all students a day off for Muslim religious holidays.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky: Our national joy

By Sally Quinn Chelsea Clinton is getting married and I want to know everything about the wedding. I’m dying to … Continued

It’s marriage – no adjectives needed

Chelsea Clinton, raised Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, Jewish, will wed this weekend. Statistics show that 37 percent of Americans have … Continued

Pre-marital counseling is a must for interfaith marriages

Chelsea Clinton, raised Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, Jewish, will wed this weekend. Statistics show that 37 percent of Americans have … Continued

Part II: Where does an interfaith couple go to find help?

By: Marion L. Usher, Ph.DThis post is the second in a series about how couples can navigate questions related to … Continued