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Attention Shoppers: Jesus Christ for Sale in Aisle 3

Christians have lost Christmas as a religious holiday and it is not because of political correctness. Christmas sales now drive … Continued

Thanksgiving as the Meeting of Two Minds

In the American year, Thanksgiving is the only day officially converging the Christian mind and the American mind—two minds, independent … Continued

“Thanks-giving” Is Religious Act

Thanksgiving is emphatically a religious holiday, but a non-exclusive one. Most religions have rites through which they give thanks at … Continued

Interfaith Thanksgiving Services Made Jews Feel Welcome

Of course Thanksgiving, focused as it is on assessing our lives, creating common rituals, and generally thanking and supplicating the … Continued

Reinterpreting and Redeeming Thanksgiving

My goodness. No, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday! And of course, “non-believers” can celebrate it. Just yesterday on our … Continued

Gratitude Leads To Happiness

Officially, Thanksgiving Day in the United States is not a religious holiday. However, those who give thanks on that holiday … Continued

Thanksgiving: It’s Source and Meaning?

In American history, Thanksgiving has been a “religious holiday” at least in the sense that most people have understood themselves … Continued

Remembering the Mayflower Compact

Thanksgiving Day is not a religious holiday, it is a quintessential American institution. It’s a fine mix of revisionist history, … Continued