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Florida’s anti-Sharia law problematic, and not only for Muslims

State lawmakers around the country have proposed bills to effectively make sharia law illegal. FOR GOD’S SAKE | Having handily … Continued

What is the truth about American Muslims?

Over the past decade, an anti-Muslim movement in America has pushed for anti-sharia laws in some 23 states and helped … Continued

Paying the price for religious illiteracy

In Judge Joseph Sheeran’s courtroom, religious literacy is seen as an antidote to intolerance and hate. Last week, the Michigan … Continued

Kosher atheists? Obama adviser breaks with his faith but still abides by its rules

Usually when a person ditches religion, he or she also happily ditches the antiquated rules and regulations that go along … Continued

Anti-Shariah bill defeated in Oklahoma senate

The Oklahoma state Senate voted down a bill that would have prohibited state judges from considering foreign laws, including religious … Continued

Anti-Shariah movement loses steam in state legislatures

At this point in 2011, 22 state legislatures had either passed or were considering bills to prohibit judges from considering … Continued

Egypt’s elections and the risky rule of God

ODD ANDERSEN AFP/GETTY IMAGES An Egyptian flag is placed next to the flag of the Freedom and Justice Party, founded … Continued

Anti-sharia laws: Legislating religiosity

By David Waters The legendary football rivaly between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers began with a 6-6 … Continued

Sharia law ban proposed in Tennessee

By Elizabeth Tenety State Sen. Bill Ketron speaks outside the Senate chamber in Nashville on Feb. 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Erik … Continued

America’s reputation rests on mosque’s test of religious freedom

A mosque near Ground Zero? Who’s going to pay for it? Where are they getting the money? This is the … Continued

Obama at the crossroads on religious liberty

FAITH AND FOREIGN POLICY By Thomas Farr The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (IRF) has come down hard on … Continued

T-shirt (or car tag) theology

By David Waters A South Carolina man believes he has found the way to resurrect the “I Believe” car tag … Continued

AIG, Sharia and Uncle Sam

A federal judge in Michigan has declined to dismiss an ex-Marine’s lawsuit that insurance giant AIG is using tax dollars … Continued

No Apology, Sanction To Theocrats

How would you respond to radical Muslim clerics in northwest Pakistan — now under Islamic law — who are calling … Continued

Excommunicating Dead Terrorists

Recently the Muslim Council of India sent an important message to the world’s Muslims. It asked one of the country’s … Continued

Should Wealthy Nations Tithe to the Poor?

One Sunday last month, I visited the Messiah Baptist Church in East Orange, N.J. I always feel comfortable in church, … Continued

Canon Law and Jesus Christ

Let’s start with applicable law. The canon law of the Roman Catholic Church specifies that “Catholic ministers may lawfully administer … Continued

Religions Thrive Under Secular Law

What the United Kingdom does about English law accommodating aspects of Islamic Sharia law is up to the people of … Continued

One Land, One Law

Incorporating exceptional laws into the judicial system is a bad idea, whether it be Shari’ah, Halakha, or any other religious … Continued

On the Civil Supremacy of Secular Law

I am tempted to ask whether the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has been sampling a bit too much communion … Continued