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Judge: Atheist group takes separation of church and state too far on ‘Ground Zero Cross’

On March 28, a group of atheists in New York lost round one in their legal battle to keep the … Continued

Autistic workers find refuge in Jewish artist’s studio

KENSINGTON, Md. — John Linder and Tim Welsh aren’t Jewish, and probably don’t understand the religious symbolism in the menorahs, … Continued

How does a ‘Jubilee’ roll? Jesus explains.

AP Occupy DC demonstrators protest as they try to block the guest entrance to the Alfalfa Dinner at the Capitol … Continued

Path of centering prayer: Deepening your experience of God

David Frenette , author of “ The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God ” and spiritual director … Continued

The ‘Christmas Tree Tax’ that wasn’t

‘Obama’s New Christmas Tree Tax’ blasts a Drudge Report headline. ‘Merry Christmas? Agriculture Department Imposes Christmas Tree Tax’ reads a … Continued

Heaven ignites atheist uproar

Mario Tama GETTY IMAGES NEW YORK, NY – MAY 05: U.S. President Barack Obama (C) carries a wreath with New … Continued

Ashura: (Photos) Suffering and the martyr Husayn

Afghan Shi’ite Muslim men flagellate themselves during a Muharram procession in Kabul December 13, 2010. On a night a little … Continued

Got anxiety? Religion and political polarization today

It seems like the one thing, perhaps the only thing, a broad range of Americans can agree upon today is … Continued

Q: Should the White House, whose residents serve all Americans, display a crèche or a menorah or any strictly religious … Continued

A Christian case for same-sex marriage

Most media coverage of the D.C. Council’s steps toward civil marriage equality for same-sex couples has followed a worn-out script … Continued

“Marriage” in Society/Church/State

What is marriage? Is it a sacred rite or a civil right? What role, if any, should religious institutions, traditions … Continued

The Constitution is Neither Black Nor White

No religion, gender or ethnicity disqualifies a person from becoming a Supreme Court justice, but how should a particular judge’s life experiences — including faith, gender or ethnicity — inform his or her judicial rulings?

Revolutionary Freedom of Religion

JUST LAW AND RELIGION by Michael Kessler Independence Day is a good opportunity to take a moment to ponder how … Continued

Obama: What Would Michelle, Sasha and Malia Say?

President Obama recently criticized a French law that prohibits Muslim girls and women from wearing body- and face-covering garments in … Continued

Star Trek Beams Us Up Again

“Space” is not the “final frontier,” despite what generations of Trekkies, the loyal fans of the Star Trek television series … Continued

Madoff Also Betrayed His Religion

The facts are now clear. Bernard Madoff will spend the rest of his life in jail because of the elaborate … Continued

Nativity Scene Stealers

When the state of Illinois agreed to allow private citizens to place a Nativity scene inside the capitol this Christmas … Continued

A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art

“Corpus Christi” is a play written by an Irish Catholic named Terrence McNally, first performed on Broadway in 1998 and … Continued

Cosmic Companionship

I have a very personal reaction to the question of the religious meaning of this election. Over the long months … Continued

Diary of a Country Priest

George Bernanos’ “Diary of a Country Priest” had a profound impact on me. I have always looked for religious meaning … Continued