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Theologian questions how ex-Mormon bishop’s daughter casts church in book

Political commentator and former Mormon bishop’s daughter Tricia Erickson has engaged in discussions on television and in social media about … Continued

Liberty, not just freedom, for the Middle East

In light of the continuing political uprising throughout the Middle East, American leaders are reported to be recalculating their approach … Continued

Faith in the individual candidates

With former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney both believed to be gearing up for a … Continued

Faith in reason

This weekend, Jon Stewart is holding “a rally to restore sanity” on the mall, two months after Glenn Beck’s religion-infused … Continued

Religious illiteracy’s win is pluralism’s loss

In a Pew Forum survey released Tuesday, atheists and agnostic surpass all other groups in their knowledge of religion. How … Continued

For Quakers, life is a highway

In the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, writer Elizabeth Gilbert gives up her entire way of life to spend a year … Continued

The ‘compromised pacifist’ position on animal rights

Do animals have rights? What about trees? When does life begin? Will the Cubs ever win the World Series? These … Continued

National security without religious liberty?

FAITH AND FOREIGN POLICY By Thomas Farr In a previous post, I voiced the fear that the Obama administration was … Continued

Sex not a bad thing

Q:Do your religious beliefs exalt or stigmatize sex (or both)? Is religion a useful tool for helping young people navigate … Continued

Saint Patrick and the Texas School Board

By Grady E. Meansauthor I’m having my glass of Guinness last week and thinking of all things green (the color … Continued

Religious expression: a fundamental right

Freedom of expression, including sharing one’s faith with others, is a fundamental human right enshrined in national and international law … Continued

Jefferson’s Thanksgiving wish

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler Happy Thanksgiving. Simple words that conjure images of national traditions like pumpkin pie and … Continued

Angels & Demons & Disclaimers

“Angels & Demons,” the latest Ron Howard/Tom Hanks/Dan Brown religious blockbuster, opens in theaters this weekend to mixed faith-based reviews. … Continued

Religion Safer in Hands of the People

Thursday is National Day of Prayer, as mandated by Congress. What should President Obama do? Should he follow tradition and … Continued

Faith and Public Diplomacy at Work

Last Saturday, about 100 Delawareans shared a unique spiritual and cultural experience. They participated in a dialogue on the role … Continued

Virginia Property Battle Redefining ‘Church’

There are more Baptists in Texas than Episcopalians in all of America, so unless you’re an Anglican or an attorney, … Continued

Limits of Religious Law

We believe that all religious societies have a right to deal with their members for disorderly conduct, according to the … Continued

Reclaiming the Center

The presidential campaign this year, as it did four years ago, has become too focused on the religious beliefs of … Continued

We’re Electing a President, Not A Holy Fool

One of the few good things to be said for the inordinate length of the primary process is that in … Continued

Romney Credible but Calculating

Romney did a credible job in a difficult situation. While his statement went a long way towards satisfying the concerns … Continued