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Archbishop of Canterbury baptizes Britain’s future king, Prince George

RNS () — Prince George is now officially named and an Anglican. The 3-month old royal baby was christened Wednesday … Continued

Swimming for the soul

Aaron Favila AP Filipino girls participate in swimming lessons at a public pool in the Dapitan Sports Complex in Manila, … Continued

Time for the peace vote?

Bill O’Leary WASHINGTON POST Peace signs brandished by one of the protestors gathered in Freedom Plaza to occupy the town, … Continued

The burden of being a young American Muslim

By Hailey Woldt A group of children leaving a Bridgeport, Connecticut mosque last week, as reported by the Connecticut Post, … Continued

Converting to Islam today

By Alison Lake This essay is the second in a series about religious conversion. Click here to read Alison’s first … Continued

Women in the Back of the Mosque

By Seema JilaniPhysician At my mosque in Houston, like almost all mosques across the country, women pray upstairs or at … Continued

Pakistan Must Stand Against Taliban

Dear Readers: Pakistan is under threat from a minority of radical extremists who have nothing to do with Islam and … Continued

“Choose Your Own” Commemoration

Today’s guest blogger is Becca Hartman, a Research Associate at the Interfaith Youth Core. Becca originally joined the IFYC as … Continued

A Different Kind of Conversation About the Middle East

“Step One is recognizing that this is a difficult dialogue … That’s crucially important… [And] when you realize that it’s … Continued

President Needs Honesty and Far More

Presidential leadership extends far beyond honesty alone. All societies, in fact, expect their leaders to embody certain virtues like honesty, … Continued

U.S. Shows How in Public and Private

The Question: In his speech to U.S. bishops last week, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Any tendency to treat religion as … Continued