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For conservatives, a biblical imperitive for comprehensive immigration reform

As Congress now begins their 113th legislative session, they have many difficult and divisive issues to confront. The issue of … Continued

Christians push for new immigration process as they support deferred status

AP Felipe Sousa Matos, of Brazil, holds his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) papers during a news conference in … Continued

Meaning of Fred Luter’s presidency to Southern Baptists

Several thousand Southern Baptist pastors, church workers, laymen and their wives, most of them elected representatives (“messengers”) from their local … Continued

Why this Baptist is opposed to the Catholic Bishops on the birth control mandate

In the Baptist tradition, believers come to their own moral reckoning through a reading of scripture as informed through the … Continued

Why Baptists stand with Catholics on birth control mandate

We acknowledge that Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists have differing views on how we understand and practice our faith, stemming … Continued

Pastors’ call for more faith talk in 2012 shows common ground elusive

After watching two prominent evangelical pastors talk for two hours about the importance of civility and Christian decency triumphing during … Continued

Woody Allen and evangelicals: A surprisingly romantic pair

REMO CASILLI REUTERS Director Woody Allen looks on during the shooting of his movie “The Bop Decameron” in downtown Rome … Continued

Mitt Romney takes on Mormon ‘cult’ comments and the religious test for office

Ethan Miller GETTY IMAGES Romney called on Americans to understand the constitutional principle rejecting a religious test for office at … Continued

Bloomberg takes stand on church v. state

Carol Guzy THE WASHINGTON POST NEW YORK NY – SEPTEMBER 11: New York marks the 10th anniversary of the World … Continued

Immigration reform: The view from the faith side

By Katherine MarshallFAITH IN ACTION The irony is familiar but still troubling: America, a nation proudly built by and for … Continued

Gov. Robert Bentley: What Baptists thought

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) probably didn’t plan to kick off his inaugural term with a religious quarrel but he … Continued

Church welcomes new neighbor, a mosque

By David Waters Glenn Beck and Franklin Graham, take note. Members of a Methodist congregation in the heart of Tea … Continued

Glenn Beck’s generic God

Fox News host Glenn Beck muddled biblical references with fragments of American history, recreating a pottage of civil religion that … Continued

Religious freedom officials enter Ground Zero debate

By Michelle Boorstein What position — if any — should members of America’s primary government body dedicated to religious freedom … Continued

Evangelicals and Obama: unlikely immigration reform partners

President Obama’s much anticipated speech on immigration began with a much unexpected introduction by Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow … Continued

Obama church-state adviser releases report on current law

By Michelle Boorstein To see the subject of religion and politics on the TV talk shows, you’d think people only … Continued

A call for civility and an end to ‘Nazi’ rhetoric

By Welton Gaddy, others A group of prominent faith leaders brought together by Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President of … Continued

Abortion Battle Getting Entangled in Health Care Reform

By William Wan As congress gears up to tackle health care reform, opposition from Christian conservatives is heating up over … Continued

Sotomayor, the ERLC, Parham and the Facts

In his OnFaith article (originally titled “SBC More Partisan than Senators on Sotomayor”), Robert Parham claimed the ERLC has lost … Continued

Sotomayor, the SBC, Land and the GOP

What does it say when a Southern Baptist Republican senator leans toward endorsing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor two days … Continued