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Church and state in France and the United States

Translated from the French by Jacques Berlinerblau A sociological approach to political secularism would define it according to its four … Continued

Glenn Beck and the restoration of American civil religion

By Amarnath Amarasingam  Ever since sociologist Robert Bellah wrote “Civil Religion in America” in 1967, the concept has become one … Continued

Religions, not faith, lose ground in ’09

Q: What was the most important religion story of 2009? Any retrospective glance at a year’s worth of stories will … Continued

Americans (Still) Rejecting Religious Status Quo

Saying ‘no’ to your parents’ religion, or to all religion as currently defined, does not necessarily mean saying ‘no’ to … Continued

The Natural Solution to Church-State Separation

Many commentaries on President Obama’s new policy for faith-based initiatives seem to flounder on the same issue: How can something … Continued

Chill, Everybody

Thanksgiving is both a religious and non-religious word, and makes sense either way. It would be easy therefore to say … Continued

Losing the Spirit on Wall Street

Just when we face an enormous crisis and need spiritual insight in our public debate, it’s missing. That’s because religion … Continued

The U.S. is Post-Denominational

It is clear from this Pew study that the old denominational affiliations no longer apply. The religious landscape in the … Continued

Interfaith Thanksgiving Services Made Jews Feel Welcome

Of course Thanksgiving, focused as it is on assessing our lives, creating common rituals, and generally thanking and supplicating the … Continued