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India’s Hindu, Muslim clashes explored in traveling U.S. exhibit

Zarina. Dividing Line, 2001. UCLA Hammer Museum. Photo: Robert Wedemeyer. Courtesy: Art Institute of Chicago. Political parties in India are … Continued

Ten Commandments in Texas public schools?

Texas State House representative Phil Stephenson has introduced a resolution calling on all public schools to display the Ten Commandments. … Continued

PBS series depicts American abolitionists as fired by faith

As the nation marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, PBS premieres “The Abolitionists,” a three-part series, on Tuesday … Continued

How values, demographics and the economy helped shape the election

BLOOMBERG President Obama makes an acceptance speach during an election night rally in Chicago on Nov. 6, 2012. At the … Continued

Has religion made the world less safe?

The Bible depicts a world that, seen through modern eyes, is staggering in its savagery. People enslave, rape, and murder … Continued

Islam and politics in the new Middle East

ABDULLAH DOMA AFP/GETTY IMAGES Libya’s interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil (R) holds a joint press conference with oil and finance … Continued

Inspiration and pragmatism meet to build democracy

Mike Huckabee, the conservative former Arkansas governor, this weekend said that he is concerned about Islam’s role in Egypt’s future. … Continued

Religion must fix what it breaks

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt … Continued

Balancing faith with the Constitution

In recent debates between tea party endorsed Senate candidates and their Democratic opponents, faith has emerged as a campaign issue. … Continued

God’s overflowing love and the heterosexual obligation

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

Religion: the smartest power of all

Q: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is recommending that the U.S. government develop a strategy to make religion ‘integral’ … Continued

Thanking God for condoms . . .

By Donald E. Messerexecutive director Center for the Church and Global AIDS In my new book called “52 Ways to … Continued

Religious Problems Demand Religious Solutions

Q: Eight years after the U.S. attacked Afghanistan, fighting continues. Religious extremists in the Taliban and al-Qaeda retain significant power … Continued

Teaching Religions (Plural) in Public Education

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Europe’s Muslims and the Coexist Index

By James KidnerDirector of the Coexist Foundation There are more than ten million Muslims now living in the UK, France … Continued

Nonbelievers are Believers Too

“Oh, their God,” my friend the historian and poet Jennifer Michael Hecht posted on facebook, “he said Nonbelievers.” President Obama … Continued

Last Debate: Avoiding God and Palin

If you knew absolutely nothing about the United States (but wanted to know) and predicated your quest for knowledge solely … Continued

From Europe, Curiosity and Admiration

As the Irish Times recently reported (Aug, 25), Cardinal Sean Brady’s suggestion that growing unease among Christians about the direction … Continued

Don’t Exclude Humanists, Atheists from the Melting Pot

This past Sunday the Democrats unveiled their 2008 convention with an “Interfaith Gathering of Clergy.” I am a Humanist: a … Continued

“One’s Worldview Should Illumine One’s Decisions”

In the introduction to his Obama/McCain CNN interviews August 16, Pastor Rick Warren used “worldview” as a synonym for a … Continued