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Beyond faith in guns

Scott Olson GETTY IMAGES Students learn how to grip a pistol during an NRA Basic Pistol Course at Freddie Bear … Continued

Rick Santorum: ‘More Catholic than a conservative’?

View Photo Gallery: Scenes of religious faith meeting politics in the 2012 campaign. What does it mean to be a Catholic … Continued

Why Pat Robertson’s ‘endorsement’ of Mitt Romney matters

Gary C. Knapp AP Pat Robertson, right, the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network and the chancellor of Regent University, sits … Continued

What’s a Muslim to do? What’s a president to do?

What’s a Muslim to do? What’s a president to do? In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 18 percent of … Continued

Limbaugh’s Dangerous Rhetoric

By Menachem Z. Rosensaftprofessor, Cornell Law School In 1995, right-wing Israeli demonstrations opposing any political accommodation with the Palestinians featured … Continued

Xavier Joins Notre Dame on Bishops’ Boycott List

Another bishop has declined to attend another graduation ceremony at another Catholic university because of plans to bestow an honorary … Continued

Can Palin Broaden Base for 2012?

It’s not that I assume that Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States (in … Continued

On 9/11, Bowing and Clearing Our Heads

It is 9/11 and I am on a plane to New York City fingering my Muslim prayer beads and listening … Continued

Biden vs. Bishops: Should Democrats Panic? Pray?

In terms of Faith and Values politicking, it’s been a rough week for the Democrats. Yesterday, while Sarah Palin was … Continued

Biden Not the Faith-Based Answer

In terms of Faith and Values politicking, it’s kind of hard to get psyched up about the prospect of Joe … Continued

Why I Took Holy Communion

I took Holy Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral mass. I am not a Catholic. I wrote about it for “On … Continued

Learning for His Sake

I recently had a conversation with a friend about defending Islam, especially in public. My friend and I agreed that … Continued

The Amorality of the Free Market

Greed is a moral bad but a functional good. Greedy entrepreneurs have benefited the world with more than a few … Continued

Race Still Divides This Nation

The Question: Jeremiah Wright’s sermons continue to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Why? What do you think of … Continued

Pop Quiz: Who Would You Renounce?

Quiz See if you can tell who said what in this list of quotes: Answers at the bottom. 1. After … Continued

Gender and Sex Scandals

I follow politics quite religiously. Despite this, reports that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s having paid thousands of dollars for … Continued

The U.S Constitution: We Need Space for All?

Recently, much has been written and said about the nature of faith and the public sphere. Questions about the faith … Continued

Will “Agents of Intolerance” Return to SC?

As I think about what lies ahead for the Republican Party the phrase “pier-sixer” keeps coming to mind. What, pray … Continued

Huckabee’s Next Religion Test

Now I esteem Chuck Norris and three-chord Rock as much as the next guy, but I am still a tad … Continued

Huckabee’s Happy and So are the Democrats

The inimitable Democratic advocate and aforetime Michael Dukakis campaign manager, Susan Estrich, was recently quoted on Fox News as saying: … Continued