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‘ARROW’: CW hit kicks off Season 2 tonight

IT WAS ONLY a matter of time before the worlds of the CW’s “Arrow” and DC Comics’ Green Arrow collided. … Continued

The Nats need me

(Toni L. Sandys/THE WASHINGTON POST) As the Washington Nationals struggle to claw their way above .500 in winning percentage, fans … Continued

Where was God in Oklahoma?

Teachers carry children away from Briarwood Elementary School after a tornado destroyed the school in Oklahoma. (Paul Hellstern / Oklahoman … Continued

Romney ‘reminds me of every well-meaning yet overbearing male church leader’

NIKKI KAHN, MELINA MARA Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney arrive at an airport rally in … Continued

Muslims in the middle

Blasphemy: Impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things Anjum Naveed AP In this May 16, 2007 file photo, … Continued

Tim Tebow an underdog for a troubled time

He arrived at a time when the nation was fearful and fighting malaise, hungry for a hero to root for, … Continued

Tim Tebow: Evidence of things unseen

Doug Pensinger GETTY IMAGES DENVER, CO – OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos prepares to take … Continued

Protecting ‘American Atheists’ 2.0

Dear patriotic protectors of American Atheists, Less than two weeks ago, I asked you to assist me in finalizing “The … Continued

Brandon Davies suspension: BYU stands on principle

BYU basketball star Bradon Davies was suspended from the basketball team this week, reportedly for admitting to having premarital sex. … Continued

Summer reading for infidels

You may have noticed that the forces of religion are falling into a summer torpor. Even the Vatican is taking … Continued

Why conservative Christians should support nuclear abolition

By Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevensonfounder and director, Two Futures Project When most people think of abolishing nuclear weapons, they think of … Continued

Is consciousness connected to the fine structure of the universe?

On March 27 I interviewed Dr. Stuart Hameroff of the Center for Consciousness Studies of the University of Arizona. Here … Continued

Let the Irvine 11 speak

By Yasmin Mogahedprofessor, author Earlier this month, students at the University of California at Irvine and Berkeley passed a resolution … Continued

The classroom wall of separation

By David Waters The classroom walls of San Diego’s Westview High are a monument to freedom of speech and religion. … Continued

Wilmington Catholic diocese claims bankruptcy on eve of sex abuse case

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The Diocese of Wilmington, which filed for bankruptcy Sunday night just as a sex-abuse trial against … Continued

God’s Intent for Marriage

By Miles McPhersonsenior pastor, Rock Church in San Diego Recently I was watching the rear bumper of a Mercedes nearly … Continued

The Code Enforcer from Hell

A house of prayer isn’t necessarily a place of worship, at least not in San Diego County, Calif. Recently, a … Continued

Rabbis Question “Unprecedented Prosecution”

By Shmuel HerzfeldNational Vice-President, Coalition of Jewish Concerns More than 125 rabbis from across the denominations of Judaism have signed … Continued

The Evolution of Fundamentalism

One of the extraordinary occurrences within American Christianity is the evolution of fundamentalism from doctrine to nomenclature. American Christian “fundamentalism”, … Continued

Hope, Change for the Unborn

Two days ago our nation’s first African American president, Barak Obama, was escorted onto a regal platform before the masses … Continued