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Is it funny to be Jewish? Is it Jewish to be funny?

Sept. 4, 2013Communal Tallits are laid in the lobby for visitors to the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C. The … Continued

The new American Jewish secularism

Halloween was originally a Christian holiday, All Hallows’ Eve. Purim, the raucous Jewish feast that we celebrate this week [Feb. … Continued

Selling Vatican jewels

Comedian Sarah Silverman suggested that we “Sell the Vatican. Feed the world.” Speaking on the eve of the October 2009 … Continued

J Street and the Jewish divide

WATCH Jacques Berlinerblau’s video interview with Hadar Susskind, Director of Policy and Strategy for J Street. FAITH COMPLEX By Jacques … Continued

A billion hungry people

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall On October 16, as millions of people were riveted to video of a runaway … Continued

Sell the Vatican, feed the world?

By David Waters Comedian Sarah Silverman says Pope Benedict should “sell the Vatican, feed the world.” Funny, but shouldn’t Christians … Continued

Young Florida Jews for McCain?

Next week I am going to post copiously about the 2008 Jewish vote as well as convening a conference and … Continued

The Financial Tsunami Drowning Poverty Agenda

The most shocking comment for me in last week’s Vice Presidential debate was Joe Biden’s rather casual suggestion that foreign … Continued

Sarah Silverman and the Florida Jews

I have no formal training in comedy but, as Jews are wont to do, I consider myself something of a … Continued

“A Mass Violation of Federal Tax Law”

Yesterday, the Alliance Defense Fund staged its highly anticipated and controversial “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” Last night, I spoke by phone … Continued